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December 3, 2018

Snap Chatter - November 2018: Midterm Elections, Holiday Excitement, and Yurr

Snapchatters around the globe expressed excitement about all the celebrations that kicked off in November. In the US, much of the conversation centered around the Midterm Elections, which took place on November 6th and saw many people getting involved!
US: Midterm Election Topics
Shout-out to the Snapchatters who voted in the 2018 midterm elections — and especially to those who voted for the first time! In the months leading up to November 6, Snap Inc. helped over 400,000 people register to vote through our various product activations. For Election Day, Snapchat drove 1.4M people to non-profit partner site Get To The Polls through experiences like the Snap Map, Filters, and Mass Snaps, according to Get To The Polls creator, Voting Information Project. Public Snaps from Election Day featured Snapchatters who were proud of doing their part and exercising their civic right.
Global: Trending Topics
The Hindu festival of lights was a trending topic this month, as Snapchatters wished each other a happy Diwali. Australians celebrated their annual Thoroughbred horse race on November 5, while people across the world took advantage of Black Friday deals. In France, the “yellow vests” protests that have been taking place across the country were top-of-mind.
US: Trending Topics
While Snapchatters were actively participating in the Midterm Elections, they were also getting ready for the holiday season. Also, a demo video of a medical tool performing delicate surgery on a grape spurred a meme that took off just after Thanksgiving.   
US: Trending Entertainment
Bohemian Rhapsody, the movie celebration of Queen, topped entertainment trends, followed by the famed Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and the Wreck it Ralph sequel.
US: Trending Celebrities
Fans mourned the loss of Stephen Hillenburg, who created the beloved “Spongebob Squarepants” series. Tory Lanez and 6ix9ine rounded out the top three following the releases of their latest albums, “LoVE me NOw?” and “Dummy Boy,” respectively.
US: Trending Slang
This month’s slang is especially useful for best friends who love gossip and coffee!
KSA Spotlight: Trending Topics
This month, we’re showcasing the trending topics from Saudi Arabia. Snapchatters were paying attention to the devastating floods that plagued the country since early November. Snapchatters also discussed the postponement of the Copa Libertadores final and several global holidays.  

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1Source: Internal Snapchat Search and Sticker Search data, November 2018; Public Snaps & Our Story Submissions Only