July 9, 2018

Snap Chatter — June 2018: What the World Cup, Eid al-Fitr, and “PMOYS” have in common

In the second installment of our monthly “Snap Chatter” series, we take a look at the topics and slang that trended among Snapchatters in June, which included the World Cup, Eid al-Fitr, and PMOYS — an acronym shared between close friends. Check out the full report below, and be sure to check back each month for more insights!
Global: Trending Topics
This month, Eid al-Fitr trended in multiple countries around the globe as Ramadan came to an end. Father’s Day was the top trending topic in Canada and Mexico. Within the US, the passing of rapper XXXTentacion was top of mind among Snapchatters.
Global: Trending Emojis
Due to the World Cup, we saw a drastic shift in emoji trends — the top 10 globally were all flags from competing countries! The country that garnered the greatest fandom on Snapchat was... Mexico! Hats off to their team for stealing the hearts of Snapchatters across the globe.
US: Trending Topics
Similar to , US trends often differ from those around the globe. The passing of rapper XXXTentacion was top-of-mind for Snapchatters, National Best Friends Day beat out Father’s Day for the second spot, and the World Cup — which dominated global chatter — came in fourth.  
US: Top Entertainment Mentions
While the World Cup didn’t take the top overall spot in the US, it was the highest trending topic when it came to entertainment. The second spot was filled by Alex Strangelove, a Netflix movie released this month, followed by the Fortnite Pro-Am celebrity gaming tournament.
US: Trending Celebrities
One month later, Drake and LeBron are still trending! This time it’s due to the release of Drake’s new album, “Scorpion,” and LeBron’s road to the Lakers. They join rapper XXXTentacion, Mexican soccer player Javier Hernandez, and Anthony Bourdain in the top five trending celebrities this month.
US: Trending Slang Words
Uwu served as a fun and creative way to respond to overwhelming cuteness, while PMOYS and OTP peaked as trending acronyms.

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