August 9, 2018
August 9, 2018

Snap across the map: addressable reach around the globe

Snapchat is the best place for advertisers to reach the world’s most influential audience, at scale.
When it comes to global reach, Snapchat has meaningful scale in the markets that matter most to advertisers. On average, 188 million people around the world use Snapchat daily, and these daily active Snapchatters use our app at an average of over 20 times per day. In the US and Canada, over 93 million people can be reached on Snapchat monthly. 
As an advertiser, the frequency with which Snapchatters use our app means there are more opportunities for you to reach them. And perhaps that’s why Snapchat’s addressable reach — the number of Snapchatters who can be reached with Snapchat ads in a month — is meaningful in multiple regions spanning across Europe, Middle East and Latin America.
Please note:  Addressable reach figures are for Snap Ads only; does not include reach on Story Ads, Filters or Lenses.
In many cases, our addressable reach matches or surpasses those of other platforms around the world. For example, in Europe, 76 million people can be reached by Snapchat advertising on any given month. In fact, for countries like Norway, Snapchat ads can reach nearly all of the country’s population. 
Snapchat’s popularity in the Middle East is evidenced by our reach in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the surrounding countries. 
By combining fun and innovative formats, efficient ways to buy media, and Snapchat’s addressable reach worldwide, our advertising partners around the world have scaled success across different markets, and have created country-relevant creative that drive results. Our advertisers achieve efficient CPMs and CPAs for their Snapchat campaigns, and use Snapchat to drive brand awareness, favorability, and intent across all major markets.
To learn more about how we’ve partnered with brands to reach audiences around the world, check out our success stories. 

Snapchat can help your business grow.