Shopify Taps into the Buying Power of Snapchatters

Shopify, a multi-channel commerce platform that powers over 800,000 businesses, offers merchants simple tools to manage all aspects of their business. Brands using Shopify have made more than $100 billion in lifetime sales! 1 We are extremely excited to bring Snapchat’s eCommerce solutions to all Shopify merchants allowing them to tap into an engaged audience that is primed to take action on mobile. In fact, Snapchatters are 20% more likely to make purchases on a mobile device and 60% more likely to make impulse purchases. 2 With this new integration, merchants can easily create and manage their Snapchat marketing campaigns directly from Shopify through the Snapchat Ads App.

This integration aligns with our efforts to provide solutions that drive measurable success on Snapchat, in a seamless and accessible way. The following features are available within the App:

1) Buy Ads on Shopify

Snapchat will be the third platform directly integrated into Shopify, allowing merchants to create Snapchat campaigns right alongside store management. This streamlined flow enables Story Ad creation from product catalogs, the ability to target Snapchatters by geo, demo, or interest, and allows them to track the results of those campaigns, all within a single interface. As an added bonus, merchants will receive a $100 coupon after $25 is spent on a Snap campaign in Shopify! 3 (See offer details below)

2) Sync Product Catalogs

The same product catalogs that are used to sell items on a merchant’s online store, can be leveraged to create engaging Story Ads on Shopify or within Snapchat’s Ads Manager. After a one-time sync, an advertiser can curate a branded experience that includes up to 20 Snaps, showcasing a collection of products around a particular theme or category.

3) Snap Pixel

With just a few clicks, the Snap Pixel can be fully implemented on a merchant’s online store. Previously Shopify merchants had to manually go into their source code to install the Pixel and set up events like Page Views, Purchases, and Sign Ups, but now this is improved with a simple copy & paste of a Pixel ID.

*Note: Snap Pixel features such as targeting, optimization, and measurement are only supported within Ads Manager at this time.

This strategic partnership underpins Snapchat and Shopify’s common goal of making commerce better for everyone. Get started by downloading the Snapchat Ads App today!