February 22, 2024
February 22, 2024

Real Influence, Real Impact: A Marketer’s Guide to Creator Success

Online platforms have become the go-to places for content creators to connect with their audience. Brands are increasingly using creators to promote their products and services with creator marketing spend projected to reach $5.8BN in 2024¹. However, there’s still much to uncover about how consumers perceive creators and their sponsored content, and how this affects their purchase behavior.

We partnered with MAGNA, the media investment and intelligence agency within IPG, to uncover consumer perceptions and preferences about creator content and to identify best practices for creator marketing. Research was carried out among ~5,000 weekly users across generations (16-49 YO) in 5 markets (USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, France, and Australia) using quantitative research methods. The findings provided insight into people’s receptiveness to brand sponsored creator content, and revealed 4 rules brands should keep in mind when planning and executing creator campaign strategies.

The Creator Opportunity

People are using platforms to follow their favorite content creators. And they’re already watching tutorials (42%) and product review content (41%) made by creators, making creators a natural asset for brands.

Furthermore, the vast majority of users (87%) say they’re open to seeing brand sponsored content from creators and this is true across generations, presenting a huge opportunity for brands. This is especially true for Snapchatters who are +16% more receptive to brand sponsored creator content than non-Snapchatters.

Receptivity To Brand Sponsored Creator Content

How Can Advertisers Integrate Creator Collaborations into Media Plans?

Rule #1: Take Action to Build Trust

We found that there’s still room for creators to improve trust with their audience, with a little over half (55%) of users saying they somewhat trust creators. To build trust, creators should strive to be open and genuine with their followers. Users want to see creators share mistakes and lessons learned (60%), show evidence and facts (58%), and portray a realistic life (57%).

Top Three Drivers of Creator Trust

Advertiser Tip

When briefing creators, understand their personal relationship with your product or service and how it integrates with their life, and arm them with evidence and facts to communicate with their audience.

Rule #2: Transparency is a Must

Almost all users (89%) say it’s important for creators to make it known that their content is sponsored by a brand. This is especially true when planning for creator campaigns on Snapchat. Transparency ultimately leads users to trust creators more and engage with the brand.

If a creator is upfront about a brand sponsored post

Advertiser Tip

Transparency is table stakes when activating with creators. Be sure to utilize Snapchat’s Paid Partnership Label and feature voiceovers, hashtags, captions to communicate transparency. Check out how to use our Paid Partnership Label here!

Rule #3: Choose Honesty, Authenticity, and Knowledge

When partnering with creators, brands should work with those who are honest, authentic and knowledgeable. Users say these traits are even more important than humor, and would influence them to engage with the sponsored brand post.

Impact Of Following Creator Traits On Brand Engagement

Authenticity pays off for brands, especially with Snapchatters. When brand sponsored creator content feels authentic, Snapchatters are more likely to get excited about the brand and to get interested in other products the brand offers.

Compared to Non-Snapchatters

Advertiser Tip

Brands should seek Creators who value authenticity, and who share personal experiences by showing evidence and facts and engaging with their audiences.

Rule #4: Lean into Personal Connections on Snapchat

People go to different platforms for different interests. And when it comes to Snapchat, they’re relying on it to foster close connections. Snapchatters want to stay connected with creators in the same way. 57% of Snapchatters said they follow creators on Snapchat for a look at their favorite creator’s daily life.

To dive deeper into how people feel about creators, we asked study participants to go through a content viewing exercise. These findings revealed people see creators on Snapchat as genuine and as close connections, even more so than on other platforms.

Creators after viewing content

The creators coming off as genuine allowed the content to feel authentic and trustworthy, resulting in huge benefits for the featured brand. 51% of Snapchatters said they were interested in researching the product and 49% said they were interested in purchasing the product featured in the content.

Advertiser Tip

When planning creator campaigns on Snapchat, brands should capitalize on the authentic connection people feel with creators to drive brand trust and consideration.

In Conclusion

Creator campaigns play a critical role in brands’ marketing strategies as users' receptivity to them only continues to grow. Success with creator campaigns boils down to trust, authenticity, genuinity, and transparency, making it essential for brands to partner with Creators who portray a realistic life and show their daily lives. Check out some of the ways brands can tap into Creators on Snapchat here!

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2 2024 Real Influencer, Real Impact study commissioned by Snap Inc and IPG MAGNA, Sept 2023 - Oct 2023, Total Social Media Users N = 5214, N = ~1,000 per Market, Gen Z N = 1,149, Millennials N = 3,070, Gen X N =995, Snapchat Users N=3,652, Non-Snapchat Users N=1,562; US, UK, FR, KSA, AU. *Difference statistically significant at the 90% confidence level.