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QSR Footprints: Quick Food for Fast Lifestyles

On average, US Snapchatters who frequent quick service restaurants visit more than 2x per week. 1 Here’s the where and why behind these on-the-go consumers' quick eating habits.

Like many in the United States, quick service restaurants (QSRs) play a significant role in the lives and behaviors of US Snapchatters. In order to better understand their relationships with QSRs, we studied Snapchatters’ visitation patterns in the QSR category. We also took a closer look into visitation to the top 5 US QSRs to learn more about brand specific trends. 2

Time of Day:

US Snapchatters crave fast food towards the end of the day — they’ll eat it for anything from dinner to a midnight snack. In general, there’s a significant lift in QSR location visitation between 5pm and 12am. 1 For Starbucks, peak Snapchatter visitation is at 3pm. McDonald’s, Subway, Burger King, and Taco Bell are busiest with Snapchatters at 6pm. 2

Day of Week:

US Snapchatters visit QSRs most on Saturdays. 1 And with the exception of Taco Bell, their visitation patterns align closely with the direct foot traffic patterns of the top 5 US QSRs. Snapchatters are actually more likely to visit Taco Bell storefronts on Sundays, compared to other days of the week. 2

Before and After:

Snapchatters like to get their fast food fix in the midst other activities. Before or after visiting QSR spots, Snapchatters can be found socializing at bars, getting their beauty and style needs taken care of, or running errands. They’re also likely to be around hotels or near school. 1

Audience Affinities:

Snapchatters who dine at QSR spots are more likely than the average Snapchatter to shop at big box or department stores, or choose family-friendly activities like going to theme parks or the movies. 3

Footprints Spotlight on Canada:

Canadian Snapchatters who frequent QSR locations visit more than 2x per week, on average. Although US Snapchatters are more likely to visit QSRs on Saturdays, Canadian Snapchatters visit on Friday more than any other day of the week. And unlike US Snapchatters, who prefer to grab their quick bites at night, Canadian Snapchatters show higher visitation rates to QSR spots in the afternoon, between 11am and 5pm. 1

The fact that Canadian Snapchatters are more likely to visit QSRs in the afternoon speaks to the kinds of activities they’re most likely to do before and after eating. Before their meal, they’re more likely to be at outdoor or recreational facilities, like sports fields, stadiums, dog parks, camping areas, zoos, or parks. Afterward, you might find them treating themselves and their loved ones at ice cream or candy shops, video game stores, or children’s stores; or doing a little self-care at nail salons or tanning beds.  1

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QSR Footprints

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Ariana Battle and Megan Foster from Team Snapchat