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July 7, 2020
July 7, 2020

This year, bring the NFL to Snapchatters, no matter where they’re watching the game

NFL 2020–2021 on Snapchat

The NFL season and 
fan experience will look and feel different this year due to COVID-19. There are still many unknowns about the future of live sports and how the fan experience may change, but there’s one thing we know for sure: Snapchat will be there to bridge the gap and bring sports content and camaraderie to fans, no matter where they’re watching the game.   
As people were social distancing and sports were put on pause, fans still found ways to engage with sports content by tuning in to documentaries like The Last Dance, news coverage about the impact of COVID-19 on professional sports, and “best of” countdown shows.1 This craving for sports content was also seen on Snapchat — time spent watching Snapchat Shows has been higher than ever.2 And while watching major sporting events from the stadium isn’t an option, we’re still seeing sustained engagement with sports-related content.3 
Fans are beyond excited for the NFL’s 101st year, which means this season will be a momentous occasion for brands to bring the fan experience to the Snapchat Generation.
And because this fan experience is so unprecedented, marketers will need to adapt their strategies to reach fans in the context of how they’ll be watching games. 
The Snapchat Difference
Fans love using Snapchat to rally behind their favorite players and teams, for friendly smack talk between rivals, and to brag about who has the best tailgate spread.
Snap partnered with Verto Analytics to conduct research about the sports community on Snapchat, how they use the platform, and how Snapchat was used during the Super Bowl in February 2020.
Verto found that using Snapchat is integral to how our community experiences live sports. Snapchat is used most frequently for sharing reactions and communicating with fellow fans throughout the game and catching up on what they missed.  
Verto Analytics analyzed what makes Snapchat unique by comparing Snapchatters to non-Snapchatters on other social platforms. They found that Snapchatters aged 18 to 23 are more likely to share their reactions to the game and communicate with their friends than non-Snapchatters who use other social platforms.
Lastly, Verto analyzed how Snapchat was used during the Super Bowl in February 2020 using behavioral data from their panel. Snapchat usage over-indexed when exciting live moments took place during the game, rather than during commercial breaks — reinforcing that our community experiences the biggest moments in sports together on Snapchat .
Snapchatters’ tendency to connect with friends during live games was apparent during the 2020 Super Bowl.
Our community's behavior during live sports makes Snapchat a powerful audience to reach during the NFL season — Snapchat added incremental reach to Linear TV during the 2019–2020 NFL season, according to Nielsen.
Get in the game today.
Snapchat and the NFL have been working on a slate of new content to keep football fans coming back for more. 
This year’s slate of programming will include: 
So no matter who fans are rooting for — or where they’re watching the game — sharing the NFL experience will be just as fun from home, and brands can be an impactful, integral part of the experience.

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