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May 5, 2020

Looking forward to going back

Gear up for back-to-school season with Snapchat
Students and their families are welcoming a fresh start this year, whether they’re heading to a new normal at school or starting virtual classes from home. As a way to help our community stay connected, positive, and informed, we are unpacking our best insights and strategies for our partners to make this back-to-school season one to remember.
Snapchat reaches back-to-school shoppers of all ages.
We reach 3 critical back-to-school shoppers at scale.
Snapchatters of all ages are making shopping lists.
High schoolers and millennial parents are adding classic back-to-school staples to their shopping lists.
Gen Z College students are browsing big-ticket items like laptops, tablets, furniture, and home decor.
Gen Z is driving back-to-school sales.
Known to be the biggest influence on household spend, Gen Z can help your brand build at scale and turn inspiration into purchase. We project that US families with High School Snapchatters will spend more than $8.5 billion dollars on back-to-school shopping this year.1
Parents plan on spending big this year.
92% of parents say their purchases are influenced by their children, making millennial parents a key group for driving consideration.2 When telling your brand’s story, include a message that speaks to one of their top-three shopping factors — price and value, product quality, or style and individual expression.
Snapchatters are shopping in all-new ways with AR that can turn trial into purchase. 
Snapchatters don’t just make impulse purchases — they do their homework. By launching a Lens AR experience, Snapchatters can try on your products in AR while they are in the consideration stage of making a purchase.
No matter who is shopping this back-to-school season, Snapchatters all grade brands against the same rubric.
  • Price and Value 
  • Product Quality
  • Style and Individual Expression
As excited as Snapchatters are to shop, we’re excited to supply brands with effective solutions — all season long. 
Reach out to the Snapchat Advertiser Solutions Team and get started planning your back-to-school campaign on Snapchat.
Class dismissed.

Snapchat can help your small, medium or large business grow.

1Snap Inc. survey of US Snapchat high schoolers, February 8 - February 13, 2020. High schoolers defined as users ages 13-18 who are planning on attending high school or secondary school in Fall 2020. Age and location data subject to restrictions. See for details. Question: "Will you be attending high school or secondary school in the fall of 2020?"; 1530 respondents. Iterative rake weighting used to project the total number of Snapchatters using survey data, balanced on age and gender (17.3M). Assuming $519 spend per student from Deloitte's 2019 Back-to-School Shopping report.
2Cassandra, an Engine company; 2016 and 2017 survey of 1,000 Gen Ys and Gen Zs in both the U.S. and UK. This sample is nationally representative based on age, gender, region, and race/ethnicity. Cassandra also includes a nationally representative sample of 250 Gen Xers and 250 Boomers per country for comparison.
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