Insights / December 2017

Lights, Camera, Snap: Generating movie buzz on Snapchat

1 in 3 Snapchatters recall learning about a movie on Snapchat before seeing it in theaters.1 Here’s why Snapchat has become such a powerful source for driving movie buzz for millennials. 

Ever leaned over to a friend and whispered, “we have to see this” during a movie trailer? It’s the kind of moment that used to only come up while sitting in a dark theater. But as Snapchat’s becoming a place for a new kind of “in-person” conversation, millions of millennials are using the app to get their next movie recommendation. Millennials — who make up 63% of Snapchatters worldwide2 — are the largest and most excitable moviegoing audience in the US. 82% of millennials say moviegoing makes for a more fun activity with friends than watching at home1, and they also see more than twice as many movies as the over-40 crowd at theaters.3

Millennials see more movies annually than their older counterparts

When it comes to choosing what to watch next, 91% of millennials say they learn about new movies through recommendations from friends or family1. For advertisers that want to reach an audience that’s actively seeking out their next movie, Snapchat’s a great place to take part in that word of mouth.  Interactions on Snapchat are nearly 50% more likely to be between close friends than other platforms like Facebook or Instagram.1 And when 77% of millennials say a movie’s buzz inspires them to see it right away1, ad products like Lenses or Filters can help drive that buzz and word of mouth conversations. In fact, a recent Greenberg Strategy study commissioned by Snap Inc. found that roughly 1 in 3 Snapchatters recall seeing a movie in theaters after learning about it through the app.1

Over 1 in 3 Snapchatters has gone to a movie after learning about it on Snapchat

If there’s one thing that matches how much millennials love going to the movies, it’s sharing their moviegoing experiences with friends. More than other age groups, millennials see going to the movies as a fun social event, an opportunity to spend time with their friends, and — for the really big movies — a chance to be part of a larger moment in pop culture.

39% of Snapchatters have used Snapchat to share a short review of a movie they just saw1

And if they can’t share those experiences in-person, many millennials turn to Snapchat to get their message across. 39% of Snapchatters have used Snapchat to share a short review of a movie they just saw.1

Advertisers are already using Snapchat’s Creative Tools to join in on those conversations and drive movie buzz. They use Snap Ads to drive movie trailer views, launch Filters at theaters all over the country, and even transform Snapchatters into their favorite superhero or movie villain. When millennials make up the largest audience of moviegoers and the largest demographic of US Snapchatters, there’s no better place to spark word of mouth than with those who want to share it the most.

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  2. Based on Snap Inc. internal data as of Q3 2017. All ages are self-reported and unverified by Snap Inc. Because not all users have self-reported an age, actual figures may differ from those set forth here. Snap Inc. also disregards self-reported ages that are inherently unreliable (e.g., birthdays from the 1800s). Unreported and unreliable self-reported ages represented approximately 16% of U.S. DAUs in Q3 2017.
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