Introducing Story Ads — a new way to showcase your brand or product in Discover!

Story Ads allow advertisers big and small to say more on Snapchat. 

Today we are launching Story Ads — an ad format that allows advertisers to reach their audiences with a branded tile in the Discover feed. With one tap, Snapchatters can jump into a collection of 3-20 Snaps and dive deeper into your new fashion collection, movie release, suite of products, and more. With Attachments, viewers can even swipe up to watch a trailer, install an app, or buy a product. It’s the best way to tell a deeper story on mobile.

Things to consider when creating your Story Ads

  • Own a Tile

  • Create a Curiosity Gap 

  • Tell your Story

Own a Tile: 

The tile is a Snapchatters first interaction with your brand or product in Discover. Make the tile work for you. Consider featuring a product or include an image that ties nicely with your tile headline. 

Create a Curiosity Gap: 

Draw Snapchatters in by creating a curiosity gap using a captivating headline and your canon assets. Tease out what Snapchatters might learn or how they will benefit from tapping into your Story. 

Tell your Story:

Showcase your brand or product with 3-20 Snaps. Drive engagement by mixing up your narrative and using sharable formats. Attachments are a great way to further engagement and accomplish your business objectives, like driving purchases for a product. 

Story Ads in Action: Fifty Shades Freed

Story Ads are already working. Universal’s first Story Ad gave Snapchatters across France the chance to tap through the best moments from the world premiere of Fifty Shades Freed, and even take action. The Story included a variety of Snaps audiences could view, from interviews with cast members, to a look into Dakota Johnson’s red carpet style, images from the event, and much more. Snapchatters could swipe up to watch the trailer and buy tickets, without leaving the app.

Universal’s Story Ad drove deep engagement, with a 54% completion rate and a 12% open rate, allowing the company to connect with their audience and drive awareness for the new movie.

To get started, visit Ads Manager. 

— Team Snapchat