June 16, 2023
June 16, 2023

Public Profiles for Businesses

Want to present a unified front for your business to better connect with Snapchat audiences? A Public Profile is the glue for you.

Snapchat’s Public Profiles for Businesses gives brands of all sizes, including yours, the opportunity to have a single, unique presence on Snapchat — a free, permanent home where you can post content for your customers.

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Benefits and Features of Your Public Profile

Your Public Profile puts your business in the best possible position to effectively market to and interact with Snapchatters around the world.

With your Public Profile, you’re able to connect with your customers on multiple levels, all while generating insights for your business. To help you conjure up the engagement magic, your Public Profile enables you to showcase your content with these key features:

  • Public Stories: Cultivate deeper connections with the Snapchat community by sharing what's happening in your world, from behind the scenes to daily activities.

  • AR Lenses: Ensure your most immersive AR experiences can be discovered by all Snapchatters and engaged with over and over again by publishing Lenses to your Profile. Once linked, Lenses are also discoverable through Snapchat Search and Lens Explorer.

  • Saved Stories: Help Snapchatters get to know more about your business, products, and services by permanently showcasing your best Public Snaps, Stories, photos, and videos.

  • Native Store: Turn Snapchat into a new point of sale and enable Snapchatters to browse, try, and buy through the “Shop” feature — just link your US-based Shopify store on your Profile. Check out the Spectacles Public Profile to see how the native store experience looks on Snapchat. (Please reach out to your account team or contact support if you have a Public Profile and would like this feature added.)

And then there’s Spotlight, our entertainment platform for user-generated content (UGC), expressly intended for sharing creativity. Through your Public Profile, you can post your business’s own UGC — Snaps created with Snapchat Camera or videos from your camera roll — to expand exposure to the Snapchat community at large.

Spotlight’s been known to pack quite the punch: It had everything to do with the French motivation app Peptalk hitting over 10 million views in 2 months, while the Elevenparis apparel brand derived 94% of their new subscribers through Spotlight.

In fact, in the first quarter of 2023, total worldwide time spent watching Spotlight content grew over 170% year-over-year,¹ and over 350 million Snapchatters engage with Spotlight every month.²

Spotlight allowed us to increase our awareness significantly and our website traffic by 50%.

Judicaël Baudot, Chief Digital Officer at Elevenparis

The momentum-building doesn’t stop there. Public Profiles are a two-way street when it comes to engagement: While you focus on effectively promoting your business, Snapchatters can subscribe to your Profile to stay up-to-date with your content, new product launches, and more. And through Business Manager, you also have access to mobile and web management tools that can help you:

  • Collaborate with team members

  • Manage content

  • Review additional analytics such as Story views, views from subscribers vs. non-subscribers, subscribers gained, and engagement

Snapchat’s Public Profile has enabled our business to engage with our Snapchat audience and gain better insights on the content and products they are most interested in.

Brigitte Hougan, Performance Marketing at GOAT

How Do I Create a Public Profile for My Business?

Since we don’t like to make things complicated here at Snapchat, three steps are all it takes to complete your Public Profile:

And because we are into the authentic creative spirit, here are some recommendations to consider as you build your business’s free home on Snapchat:

  • Be you: Be authentic to your brand and your audience

  • Be intentional: Know the goal of your profile before you set it up. Are you trying to engage new consumers or fuel avid fans?

  • Be fun: Snapchat is the place to be approachable and creative. Content does not need to be highly polished.

Be experimental: Test and learn content styles to develop your brand’s marketing playbook.

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Let’s Go Public with It

As soon as your Public Profile is set up, it’ll be instantly discoverable throughout Snapchat — Snapchatters can find your business through Search, @ mentions, Discover, Lens Explorer, and through your Snapchat Ads. And, of course, you can also promote your Profile on your own as you see fit.

At Snapchat, we're building a future using an ever-evolving variety of products on our platform designed to support engagement between any and all businesses and the Snapchat generation. Your Public Profile is an important part of that story. Ready to join the adventure?

Create your Public Profile today!

Questions? Watch this video to step through the Public Profile setup process, read more information about how to create your Public Profile, or learn more about creative best practices.

1 Snap Inc. internal data Q1 2023 vs. Q1 2022.
2 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of April 2023.