News / November 2017

Introducing Promoted Stories, our newest ad format

Drive awareness at scale with your Story on the Discover screen.

Today, we’re launching Promoted Stories — a new way for brands to tell their stories in the same way Snapchatters and Discover publishers tell theirs. This new format is a great way to achieve your business results, like awareness and consideration, on a massive scale.

You can find Promoted Stories on the Discover screen where millions of Snapchatters go daily to watch Stories and keep up on what’s new. Promoted Stories get their own tile between tiles from publishers, creators, and the community.

Promoted Stories

In-depth, story-driven narratives made of up to 10 Snaps and optional attachments

Seamlessly placed  alongside other Stories and Shows on Discover

Made with full-screen creative that makes an impact

Country-wide, day long takeovers for maximum impact

Each Story is made up of three to ten Snaps, and advertisers can curate and design every part of the experience. Whether it’s a Story made of three Snaps devoted to a single product, or ten Snaps in a row that tell a longer narrative, this format provides an opportunity for advertisers to tell their story and surprise Snapchatters with something totally new.

Promoted Stories in action: Snapchat Holiday Party Filters

We used Promoted Stories to show how easy it is to create On-Demand Filters for holiday parties. The Promoted Story was featured on the Discover screen, and was made up of four Snaps stitched together. Snapchatters could watch to see how they could make their next holiday party shine. At any moment during the Promoted Story, Snapchatters could swipe up to create a Filter of their own.

Make your holiday party shine with Snapchat Filters

Advertisers can run Promoted Stories as a one-day, country-wide takeover at launch. Measurement-wise, you’ll receive thorough metrics like total tile impressions, total Story opens, and more.

Since we introduced them in 2013, Stories have grown to become one of the most expressive formats on mobile. And as it’s grown over the years, it’s been great seeing all the Stories Snapchatters and publishers have shared. We can’t wait to see yours!

- Team Snapchat