News / October 2017

Introducing performance marketing with Snap Pixel

Measure success across any device

Today, we’re taking a big step to provide advertisers and businesses with a powerful new tool to measure, optimize, and track their performance marketing campaigns.

Now, with the Snap Pixel, advertisers can track their customers’ journey from start to finish, regardless of what device they’re on. Advertisers looking to sell targeted, direct response goods or services can now have more transparency into how Snapchat directly impacts their business every day.   The Snap Pixel will be a central tool in our growing performance product suite, and will be key towards helping brands understand the complex customer journey, even as it spans across different devices. The Snap Pixel can track everything from acquisitions, growth, and revenue driven by Snapchat campaigns. 

Whether the goal is generating  sign-ups, website visits, purchases, or more, the Snap Pixel can track actions taken by Snapchatters across desktop and mobile. Over the coming months, we’ll release additional features beyond measurement, such as custom audience creation and real-time optimization, all designed to help brands achieve meaningful results from a unique and engaged audience. 

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Measure events that matter

See all the actions that take place on your site, across all devices.

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Reach the perfect audience

Create audiences and lookalikes based on the activity on your website.

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Adjust based on real-time results

Track conversions in real-time and optimize your campaigns accordingly.

Here’s how it works: after a Snapchatter sees an ad, the Pixel will track their activity after they swipe up, or on actions they take on a brand’s mobile or desktop site after they’ve closed out of our app. The Snap Pixel is easy to install, and it’ll allow for advertisers to see real-time results reported directly in Ad Manager or a preferred API Partner’s tool. 

TechStyle Fashion Group, whose brands include JustFab, Fabletics, and ShoeDazzle, saw some impressive results during the alpha testing of Snap Pixel. TechStyle was focused on two key goals: generating new customer leads and driving online sales. By partnering with Snapchat, it drove roughly a 40-60% lower cost-per-purchase (CPP) than its goal CPP across all of its brands, just 24 hours after someone saw its ads. TechStyle’s second KPI, cost-per-sign-up, ranged from 30-50% below its target. Lastly, TechStyle’s campaign included one day of view-through attribution, which attributed 28% more conversions to Snapchat — conversions that normally wouldn’t be captured through URL-based tracking. This helped TechStyle understand the impact of viewing one of its ads had on its customers’ likelihood to purchase.1

With tools like Snap to Store and Placed, we’ve made advancements in offline measurement, and our partnerships with tracking solutions like Kochava, Tune, Appsflyer, Apsalar, and Adjust help measure in-app engagement more effectively. The Snap Pixel will bridge the gap for the rest of a brand’s digital presence: on mobile, tablet, and desktop. 

Over the coming months, we’ll continue to expand on our measurement tools and release more features that help marketers better reach their audiences on Snapchat.

– Team Snapchat 

  1. Source: TechStyle data from Snap Pixel