News / July 2017

Introducing new ways to drive ROI with Snapchat

New Ways to Drive ROI

Every day, we're working on new ways to help you grow your business with Snapchat. That starts with innovative ad products seen by a large and engaged audience — and ends with the best measurement partners in the business, helping verify and attribute your campaigns.

Today, we're excited to announce The Snap MMM Partner Program with Neustar Marketshare, Analytics Partners, MMA, and Nielsen. This partnership will afford Snapchat advertisers even more flexibility and precision in measuring their campaigns and performing Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM). And just in time for launch, we're thrilled to announce some powerful results from Neustar and others illustrating the ROI Snap Ads, Filters, and Lenses are driving across many different categories.

Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)

According to Neustar, Snapchat drove an average ROAS of $14.33 for movie release campaigns, which is more than five times the category average. Snapchat also drove an average ROAS of $4.76 for carbonated soft drink campaigns, which is more than five times the category average.

In nine campaigns measured by Placed, Snapchat drove an average ROAS of $10.76 for restaurants, which is nearly three times the category average.

Our analysis showed strong, above-average returns for brands that allocated media spend to Snap.

Julie Fleischer, VP at Neustar

Driving Foot Traffic

According to Oracle Data Cloud and Nielsen Catalina, 83% of 59 offline sales campaigns on Snapchat drove a positive sales lift.

In seven retail campaigns measured by Nielsen Buyer Insights, Snapchat drove an average sales lift (in total spend per household) of 7.0%.

In twenty restaurant, retail, and movie release campaigns measured by Placed, Snapchat drove a median visitation lift of 9.5% (vs. the Placed median of 7.4%). Visitation is a clear proxy for sales for these categories.

More Ways to Measure

We now offer over fifteen measurement solutions in total from MOAT, Oracle Data Cloud, Nielsen mDAR, Millward Brown, Innovid, Sizmek, DoubleClick, and more. We’re encouraging transparency across platforms by partnering with MOAT on a viewability score. This is why in the last quarter, 55 cents of every dollar spent had third-party measurement attached to it.

We’ve also enhanced our first-party location measurement solution, Snap to Store. Now, advertisers can see what types of Snapchatters are visiting their stores, broken down by Snap Lifestyle Category. Advertisers can use this data to optimize targeting for future campaigns, or just expand their understanding of who’s visiting their stores! In addition, we now also offer visitation and lift by specific product combinations — for example, the combined effect of Snap Ads and Lenses.

Looking Forward

We’ve known for a while that our ads put butts in seats and feet in stores. That’s because our ad products like Lenses and Filters are more than impressions — they’re recommendations shared with close friends. And we’ve found that 87% of people rank close friends as the most influential on their purchasing decisions. Snap Ads, meanwhile, reach Snapchatters when they’re out and about with engaging stories created just for your phone.

The average Snapchatter opens the app more than 18 times per day across every place and time. With our Placed acquisition, Snap to Store, and other bets in the attribution space, we believe Snapchat is the best platform on mobile for tracking offline behavior.