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June 27, 2018

Introducing major updates to Ads Manager — your performance stack is here

Ads Manager now gives performance advertisers the full suite of tools needed for end-to-end campaign optimization.
June marks the one-year anniversary of Ads Manager. Since Ads Manager’s launch, we’ve introduced innovative targeting solutions, new ad formats, cross-device measurement capabilities through the Snap Pixel, and more, in order to drive more value for our advertising partners of all sizes, objectives, and verticals. 
Today, we’re excited to introduce some major updates to our self-serve platform that’ll provide performance-focused marketers with the full-suite of tools needed to optimize and measure their Snapchat campaigns. 
These major launches for our performance partners are part of a larger overhaul of Ads Manager. The new campaign creation flow is aligned by objective, making it easier than ever to achieve your full-funnel goals and set up your Snapchat campaigns. Whether you’re looking to grow awareness, drive traffic, generate app installs, or increase purchases, the new Ads Manager flow ensures you’ll use the best combination of products to achieve your goals. 
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