News / December 2017

Introducing Lens Studio — a new way to create branded AR experiences

The launch of Lens Studio brings advertisers — both big and small — an easier way to create and share augmented reality experiences for everyone.

Every day, roughly 70 million Snapchatters use Lenses1: augmented reality experiences that live inside the Snapchat camera. So far, Lenses have been created by Team Snapchat. Today, we’re introducing Lens Studio — a new way for advertisers, developers, artists, and anyone with a bit of design experience to create and build Lenses of their own! Whether you want to bring Snapchatters into your world, show off your newest offerings, or create a life-sized version of your dream car, anything’s possible — the world is your canvas!

For advertisers of all sizes, creating a Lens is an opportunity to develop playful and memorable experiences that can drive multiple objectives, from awareness to sales lift. In fact, advertising campaigns with Lenses drive, on average, a 19 point lift in ad awareness and a 9% sales lift delta as measured by third party partners.2 The average Lens user spends three minutes every day trying on new selfies and exploring experiences in the world around them, offering an amazing opportunity to reach a new audience.

Landing page of Snapchat’s new Lens Studio
Inside Snapchat’s Lens Studio

Today, we’re also excited to announce Lens Studio Partners: seven AR development agencies we’ve partnered with to create both World Lenses for the rear-facing camera and “selfie” Face Lenses — the kind you can use on your face. While selfie Lenses can only be built by Snapchat or Lens Studio partners, any advertiser or non-partnered agency can use Lens Studio to develop World Lenses that bring 2D and 3D objects to life.

Snapchat’s Lens Studio Partners

The Lens Studio and our Lens Studio partners provide advertisers with more flexibility to develop Lenses on their budget, and on a timeline that works for them. We’re also increasing the number of Lenses advertisers can create for a single campaign, opening the doors to creative rotations, as well as sustained, ongoing AR campaigns.

We hope the new tool inspires artists, developers, and advertisers to bring their ideas to life on Snapchat. We can’t wait to see what you’ll create!

Visit the Lens Studio site for more info and to get started!

- Team Snapchat

  1. Source: Snap Inc. Internal Data
  2. Source: Ad Awareness Lift measured by Snapchat In-App polling powered by Nielsen Brand Effect Services. Sales Lift measured by Nielsen Catalina