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January 11, 2018

Introducing even better app ads

With new advertising tools and more precise reporting, advertising your app on Snapchat has never been more efficient.
Today, we’re introducing a few product updates that make it even easier and more efficient to run app ads on Snapchat. Not only will these changes make it simpler to onboard new users and re-engage existing ones, they’ll also allow for more granular reporting, which arms advertisers with the insights needed to make the most of their ad spend.
The new Snap Ads Deeplink attachment can be used to direct Snapchatters towards a certain level in a mobile game, a specific section in a retailer’s shopping app, or even send users who have already installed an app — but haven’t bought anything — to the point of purchase.
Flexible attribution and more granular measurement
Today’s update also brings about new ways for advertisers to better understand the performance of their campaigns. Through Ads Manager, advertisers can now track post-install events generated by those who download the app from Snapchat. These new metrics give advertisers access to data on actions like who’s signed up for an offer, purchased an item, completed a certain level in a game, and more. Advertisers can now measure any event they wish to track — even custom events specific to their app.
We’ve also increased the flexibility for attribution windows used to measure how Snap Ads drive app downloads. Advertisers can select windows that range from one hour to 28 days for Snapchatters who viewed the Snap Ad (Top Snap only), as well as 1-28 days for Snapchatters who viewed and then swiped up.
Today’s update marks an important step in our efforts to make Snapchat the best place for app developers and marketers to advertise. You can expect to see these changes in Ads Manager in the coming days. In the meantime, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns!

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