Introducing Dynamic Travel Ads

It’s been a challenging few years with travel restrictions and stay at home orders but Snapchatters are ready to travel again. In fact, 76% of Snapchatters in the US are making plans to or already have returned to their pre-pandemic behaviors.1 A GlobalWebIndex study also shows that Snapchatters are more likely to travel than users of other platforms.2
It comes as no surprise that Millennials and Gen Z are leading this push. In fact, research conducted showed that these Snapchatters are 37% more likely to book travel after seeing an advertisement.3 This is why we are so excited to bring Dynamic Travel Ads to all advertisers to help them reach a key audience keen to explore new places.

As part of our continued investment in our performance solutions, this is the first category expansion outside of eCommerce within our current Dynamic Ads offering, which will specifically serve hotels, airlines, tours and online travel agencies (OTAs). 
This builds on a foundation of Location features that have always been core to the Snapchat consumer experience:
  • Location Data- we capture Snapchatter visits to over 30M unique places (locations of interest) in the world.4
  • Snap Map- Our Snap Map now reaches over 200M Snapchatters every month.5 More than 70% of Snapchatters use the Map because they like to see where their best friends are and what they are doing, and nearly 60% say that the Snap Map helps them find their best friends when they are out and about. In addition, nearly 8 in 10 Snapchatters say that the Snap Map is more personalized than other applications.6
  • Places- We’ve added over 49M places to the Snap Map, which features Stories, hours, reviews and delivery options for local businesses.

Key Benefits of Dynamic Travel Ads
  • Advanced audience targeting based on a Snapchatter’s travel intent and backed by local relevance.
  • Locally-relevant campaign delivery to serve hotels, airlines, destinations, and tours based on popularity, leveraging Snapchat’s rich visitation data.
  • Customized Catalog setup that’s built to meet the needs of travel advertisers, with relevant product feed attributes that are specific to these businesses.
Since our beta launch last year, we’ve seen strong adoption and gained considerable learnings. Advertisers were already finding strong performance with Snap Ads and other products, but Dynamic Travel Ads took it to new levels. leveraged Dynamic Travel Ads in order to dynamically pull images directly from their product catalog and serve users ads with locally relevant listings based on products they had already viewed. This helped unlock an incremental audience, resulting in a 20% lower cost per purchase than other US advertisers.7 
Etihad Airways also found strong success by testing Dynamic Ads. Phil Dodwell, Marketing Media Lead, said, “With travel demand seeing a continued strong recovery in Q1 2022, we were of course keen to capitalise by converting existing customers and, importantly, acquiring new ones. However, the marketplace for air travel remains highly competitive so ensuring relevance is key. By using Snapchat Dynamic Ads, we were able to maximise relevance by matching customers to specific destinations, dramatically improving performance metrics across the booking funnel in the process. The prospecting solution in particular is currently the best-in-class catalogue solution for Dynamic Travel Ads on social and we are extremely pleased with the results we have been able to achieve. We look forward to building on this approach in Q2 and beyond.”
Etihad was able to reduce their cost per flight search by 4x with Dynamic Travel Ads. Additionally, they saw a 307% increase in ROAS and a 76% decrease in cost per purchases, compared to their non-dynamic campaigns.8
We are also continuing to improve our offering for all Dynamic Ads clients through ‘Location Aware’ Catalogs:
For many businesses, price, availability, or messaging may differ greatly by region. Our “location-aware” catalog support allows advertisers to include a latitude/longitude in their catalogs, so whether they are a Retailer, Auto Dealership, Hotel Chain, or Food Delivery service, their message or offer will be tailored to wherever their customer is in the world. 
The general availability of Dynamic Travel Ads allows all advertisers to create an engaging, personalized shopping experience on Snapchat, with real outcomes for your business. To get started today, please reference our Business Help Center for details and step-by-step instructions!

Snapchat can help your business grow.

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