News / November 2017

Introducing Context Cards for advertisers

Give Snapchatters a fun way to lean in and learn more about Filters and Lenses. 

Today, we’re launching Context Cards for advertisers – a new, free way for brands to provide Snapchatters with more information about the Lenses and Filters they see, as well as the brands or businesses sponsoring them.

When an advertiser adds a Context Card to their Lens or Filter, Snapchatters who view it in a Snap can swipe up to view a card that links to the the advertiser’s website of choice. For example, if a Snapchatter swipes up on a Snap featuring a retail brand’s Lens, he or she could tap the Context Card to seamlessly open up the brand’s online store — without getting sent to a different app or web browser. Essentially, Context Cards are a fun and easy way for brands to engage with their audience, and drive Snapchatters to act — at no additional cost.

Why you should add a Context Card to your Lens or Filter

Link to any website, which opens without even leaving Snapchat

Extra space for Snapchatters to learn more about your brand

Additional metrics on who engages with your campaign

Advertisers will also see additional metrics in their reporting, like Context Card impressions, clicks, and clickthrough rates. To set up your Context Cards, reach out to your Snapchat contact.

Lionsgate: Context Cards for the film Wonder

To promote its upcoming film Wonder, Lionsgate ran Context Cards alongside a Lens that celebrated World Kindness Day. When Snapchatters swiped up on the Context Card, it led to a URL where they could view screening times based on location and purchase tickets to the movie.

The Lionsgate Context Card led to the film Wonder's ticket booking site.

Context Cards for advertisers are only available in the US for now, but we’ll start to launch them in additional markets starting early 2018. We’ll keep you posted!

Team Snapchat