News / November 2017

Introducing Audience Filters and a redesigned Ads Manager

With a redesigned Ads Manager and the launch of Audience Filters, we’ve made it easier than ever to create successful, measurable Snapchat campaigns for advertisers of all sizes.

Today, we’re making it easier to use our self-service ad buying platform and access some of its most advanced features. Ads Manager’s facelift puts all of Snapchat’s campaign management tools under one roof, improves buying workflows, and adds Audience Filters to the list of ad products advertisers can launch through the platform.

New features and improvements to Ads Manager include:

More than just Snap Ads: Audience Filters are now available to businesses of all sizes

Better buying workflows: new objective-focused guides that will help create more successful campaigns

Centralized tools: the Business Manager, Snap Publisher, and Ads Manager are now all in one place

Increased speed to launch: create ads faster than ever before

Audience Filters let businesses of all sizes take part in the billions of photo and video-based conversations that take place every day on Snapchat. Starting today, Filters no longer require targeting with micro geofences or broad nationwide campaigns. Businesses can optimize creative (artwork or messaging) for the right audience, get efficient prices in an auction, and measure results in real-time.

Reach Snapchatters by...

  • Age
  • Time
  • Gender
  • Snap Lifestyle Categories
  • Language
  • Device Type
  • Location (Zip code, county, DMA)

Whether you’re looking to reach sports fans, film buffs, foodies, or more, you can use any of our audience capabilities to reach the audience that matters most to you and your business objectives. Not only are Audience Filters a fun way to engage with your audience, it's an opportunity to reach them when your brand or business is relevant.

We’re also introducing Goal-Based Bidding for Filter “Shares.” The more a Filter is shared, the more cost effective it is! Advertisers bid on Shares (counted when a Snapchatter shares a Snap featuring the Filter), so the more engaging and relevant a creative is, the more efficient the eCPM (Paid + Earned Impressions).

Audience Filters bring advanced reach capabilities, measurement, and efficient pricing to Filter campaigns.

Advertisers can “own a moment” by scheduling what time of day to run their Filters.

Audience Filters are purchased through the Snapchat Ads Manager (self-serve auction) and can bought through Goal-Based bidding.

Campaign metrics can be tracked in real-time.

- Team Snapchat

  1. Source: Internal Snapchat Data, 2017