January 29, 2020
January 29, 2020

How to advertise on Snapchat with Instant Create

Learn how to advertise on Snapchat with Instant Create, the workflow that lets you create ads in less than five minutes.
Snapchat’s Instant Create is a quick and easy way for advertisers to create Snapchat ads in less than five minutes with five simple steps. With Instant Create, you can run Snap Ads directly out of Snapchat’s self-service Ads Manager tool to reach a highly engaged audience and grow your business with Snapchat.
When creating a campaign within Snapchat’s Ads Manager, you have the option to choose Instant Create or Advanced Create. While Advanced Create is a great way to have full control over your Snapchat ads and create multiple Ad Sets, Instant Create is a simplified way to create a campaign with a single ad. Instant Create includes a streamlined ad creation flow that leverages our most popular templates and simplified ad detail options, enabling you to publish engaging creative without additional design resources. Looking for information on how to get started with Advanced Create? Check out this blog post, How to advertise on Snapchat with Advanced Create
Please Note: Instant Create currently only supports Snap Ads. To create campaigns with Snapchat’s other ad formats, check out this related post, How to advertise on Snapchat with Advanced Create
In order to start running Snapchat ads, you'll need a Snapchat account. If you already have a Snapchat account, log into Ads Manager click ‘Create Ads’, and then select ‘Instant Create’, and skip forward to Step 1. To set up your account online, follow the steps below: 
  • Next to 'New to Snapchat?' click 'Sign up'
  • Enter your name and a username.
  • Type in a secure password that’s easy to remember.
  • Enter in a valid email address.
  • Enter your birthday. 
  • Verify your account by downloading Snapchat on your phone and logging in.
  • Lastly, use your username and password to log into Ads Manager. Now you’re ready to start advertising on Snapchat. 
Before we get started, log into Ads Manager click ‘Create Ads’, and then select ‘Instant Create.
Step 1: Choose your objective
The first step in the Instant Create flow is to choose your advertising objective. With every campaign you run in Snapchat, your objective should align with your overall business goals. Please keep in mind, your Instant Create setup will vary slightly depending upon the advertising objective you choose.
→ Website Visits: drive Snapchatters to your website
→ Promote Local Place: drive nearby Snapchatters to your local business
→ Calls & Texts: drive Snapchatters to call or text your business directly
→ App Installs: drive Snapchatters to download your app
→ App Visits: drive Snapchatters to return to your app

If your objective is Website Visits...
  • Input the URL you want Snapchat users to visit. 
  • Check the box if you’d like to import photos directly from your website to help create your Snapchat ads.
If your objective is Promote Local Place...
  • Search for your local business and review business details
  • Input your URL so Snapchat can automatically import images from your site or upload a photo to create your ad.
If your objective is Calls & Texts...
  • Select your desired contact method (Call My Business or Text My Business)
  • Add your desired phone number

If your objective is App Installs...
  • Select whether your app is for iOS or Android devices.
  • Search for your app and select it from the dropdown. The following will populate:
    • App Name 
    • App Icon 
    • App ID

Please note:
Only the corresponding operating systems (based on the App IDs you input) will be targeted.
If your objective is App Visits...
  • Input your App Name.
  • Upload your app icon or select your app icon from your Media Library.
  • Select where your app is available (iOS, and/or Android). Only the corresponding operating systems (based on the App IDs you input) will be targeted. 
  • Input your app universal or deep link.
  • Select your fallback experience:
    • App Install: If your app is not installed, redirect Snapchat users to your app in the App Store
    • Web Page: If your app is not installed, redirect Snapchat users to a web page

Step 2: Design your ad
Design your ad by uploading a photo or video or selecting an existing one from your Library. If you’re uploading an image or a video that is not 1080x1920, you’ll have the ability to crop it to meet our Snap Ad specifications. You can also choose from many pre-made templates or create video ads using Snap Publisher.
Additionally, you’ll need to input your ad info:
  • Brand name
  • Headline
  • Call to action
  • Caption (Optional)
  • Logo (Optional)

Step 3: Targeting, budget and duration
 Select your demographic and location targeting and input your budget, and duration. 
  • Click ‘Show Advanced Targeting’ to select additional targeting including interests, custom audiences, and devices. 
  • If your objective is ‘Website Visits’ and you have the Snap Pixel installed, you may have the ability to bid on pixel events. Learn more about goal based bidding here.

Step 4: Add in your payment details
If you don’t currently have an active payment method linked to your Snapchat business account, you can input a new one or sync your PayPal account.
Please note: before you’re able to launch ads, you’ll need to upload a payment method.
Step 5: Publish
Lastly, click ‘Publish’ and you’re all done! Please note that you will not be charged until the ad is approved by the Snapchat ads team and starts delivering.
Instant Create is a great way to get started with Snapchat Ads that will save you time and allow you to control your campaign directly out of Snapchat’s self service Ads Manager tool. Instant Create is as simple as selecting your objective (increase web visits, inbound calls and texts, app installs, or app visits), entering your website/app information, finalizing your targeting, and publishing! For additional information on getting started with Instant Create, watch this video (in English) on how to create Snapchat Ads using Instant Create

Build your Snapchat ads using Instant Create on Ads Manager today to drive website visits, app installs, and app visits!

Snapchat can help your business grow.