How Snapchatters are spreading the love on Valentine’s Day

Whether they’re flying solo or snuggling up with a significant other, Snapchatters in the US and Australia are redefining what it means to celebrate the “day of love.”

We ran a survey among Snapchatters in the United States and Australia to understand their thoughts on Valentine’s Day and how they plan to show their appreciation for their boos and buds. Love is definitely in the air—and not just in a romantic sense. Snapchatters are expanding how they observe the occasion by placing more emphasis on friendships, singlehood, and self-care. With mentions of Galentine’s Day heating up, 1 nearly 20% of US and Australian Snapchatters surveyed are planning to spend the day with pals, 2 while over 10% of Snapchatters in the US and Australia reported that they would be celebrating solo. 2  

Feelings toward Valentine’s Day

While the majority of Snapchatters plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day, their feelings toward the holiday differ by age and gender. Nearly half of US and and over 40% of Australian Snapchatters surveyed think of Valentine’s Day as a “day of love,” 3 but the men are a bit more skeptical. Twenty-one percent of US male Snapchatters preferred to call it “Single’s Awareness Day,” while 22% of Australian male Snapchatters felt that the phrase “made up holiday” best represented their feelings. 3 Teenagers down under also feel less attached to the romantic aspect of Valentine’s Day, with 20% of Australians ages 13-17 preferring to acknowledge the holiday as “Single’s Awareness Day.” 4  

Trending Topics

Conversations about Valentine’s Day pick up in the evenings, especially among females ages 18-24. 1 Along with solidifying their plans for the day, Snapchatters are also sorting out their relationship statuses. 1 Australian Snapchatters want to see the sparks fly, with mentions of “my crush” getting a lot of buzz. 1 In the US, Snapchatters talk about their favorite romance movies and what gifts they’re hoping to receive, from chocolates and teddy bears to bouquets of roses. 1

Top Gift Preferences

Speaking of gifts, experiences like a romantic dinner, fun trip, or concert won out as the gift of choice for Snapchatters in the US and Australia. 5 US Snapchatters are also holding out hope for teddy bears and chocolates or candy, while 15% of Australians would rather receive flowers. 5 In terms of treats, Snapchatters in the US and Australia are in the mood for something decadent—over 50% of US and Australian respondents said they would prefer a box of chocolates instead of sour candies or conversation hearts. 6

While Valentine’s Day is often celebrated as a romantic occasion, this holiday isn’t a couples-only event  for Snapchatters. It’s a day to celebrate love in all its forms, and show a little extra appreciation for the important people in their lives. 

Julia Berk from Team Snapchat