Insights / December 2016

How Snapchat takes center stage for music fans

Music has always played an important role in Snapchat and the culture we've tried to cultivate around our products.

From co-hosting the Twilight Concert Series to hunting down great new acts to feature in our product videos, and even the Shazam feature in the app — to us, music is an essential part of life.

According to a study from Nielsen, our community loves music just as much as we do. Nielsen found that US Snapchatters spend, on average, 31% more annually than the US average on music-related items.1 Also, Snapchatter music fans outspend the national average by about $100 annually, on average.1 They are also nearly twice as likely to pay for music streaming in the near future, compared to music fans on social media who don’t use Snapchat.1

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Overall, Snapchatters spend 31% more on music-related items each year.1

When Snapchatters say they’re music fans, they really mean it. About 75% of Snapchatter music fans say they’d be “completely lost” without their music, compared to 49% of the general population.1 Also, 89% listen to music online, and 66% have used Snapchat at live events.1

Snapchatters love music, actively use Snapchat during live music events, and are willing to pay for music products and experiences. And for music advertisers and brands, Snapchat’s a great place to reach an audience that's looking for their new favorite song!

  1. 2016 Nielsen study commissioned by Snap Inc.