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Holiday Haul: Everything you need to know about the holidays on Snapchat!

Last year, US Snapchatters spent an extra 280 million hours on Snapchat during the holiday season! 1 Here’s how and why you should be planning your Snapchat holiday campaigns to meet your objective!

It’s no surprise that mobile will be a critical part of your marketing strategy this holiday season, seeing that it drives nearly two-thirds of online shopping activity. 2 Shoppers are spending an increasing amount of time on mobile browsing for gifts, researching products, or buying last minute deals. Snapchat was one of the leading mobile platforms last holiday season with the most number of daily mobile sessions per user, on average, among Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Twitter. 3

Snapchatters are proactive and begin their holiday shopping early. In 2017, 66% of Snapchatters began their holiday shopping on or before Black Friday, with 18% of those users starting in September or before. 4 They are also heavy shoppers, who bought 20% more gifts than the average non-Snapchatter last holiday season. 4 Snapchatters are especially primed to take action on mobile, seeing that they are 20% more likely to make purchases on a mobile device and 60% more likely to make impulse purchases. 4

This holiday season, there's no better place to engage with mobile savvy shoppers. With our latest product advancements, we’ve made it easier than ever for Snapchatters to engage with your brand, try on your products, or directly make purchases in-app!

Own the Moment

Drive Awareness

  • On Snapchat, creative that plays to users’ context at the time wins. Take advantage of major cultural moments to tell your story and build awareness using Snap Ads, Lenses, or Filters.

Creative Insights 

  • Lean into the holiday’s visual themes, sayings, and mood, as well as relevant moments and behaviors that Snaps will be capturing.

  • For Filters and Lenses, frame up or enhance the holiday-related moments users will be Snapping. Consider the context of bad travel days, family feuds or reunions, last-minute shopping, food coma, or mistletoe!

Captivate your Audience

Drive Engagement 

  • Snapchatters are more active and engaged during the holiday season. Leverage users' high creation behavior with ads that reach your audience in the camera, like Lenses or Filters, and drive even deeper engagement. Story Ads are also a great format to share more with an already engaged audience. 

Creative Insights 

  • Develop creative that is geared towards engagement. Consider gamified approaches, 360 environments to explore, multiple triggers, long-playing animations, and AR for the rear camera (World Lenses).

  • For Story Ads, draw your audience into your Story by using a catchy, contextually relevant headline and visual for your Tile that creates a curiosity gap.

How to Optimize

  • Try Cost per Filter Shares for advocacy.

  • Try Cost per Story Ad open to optimize for engagement with your content.

Convert Snapchatters into Customers

Drive Action

  • Snapchat has the highest number of mobile sessions during the holiday season with an audience of mobile savvy shoppers who are primed for action. Take advantage of our latest shoppable formats like Shoppable Lenses, Snap Ads, Story Ads, or Collection Ads to showcase your products and drive purchases. 

Creative Insights

  • Create urgency with your Story Ad Tile headline or Snap Ad.

  • Tease any special promotions or holiday products within the first frame of a Snap Ad or in your Story Ad Tile.

  • Drive intrigue by teasing products or highlight bestsellers with a product hero for our latest format, Collection Ads.

How to Optimize

  • Use the Snap Pixel to track cross-device conversions and measure your ROAS.

  • Use Pixel custom audiences to re-engage Snapchatters who visited your website or upsell past purchasers on new products.

  • Try auto-optimizing your bids for purchases to maximize your return on effort.

Trivia Crack drives action during the holidays

Etermax, the game developer behind the mobile trivia phenomenon Trivia Crack, leveraged Snap Ads App Install ads to prompt users to swipe up into the app store and install Trivia Crack. To do this, they utilized Goal Based Bidding to optimize for users who were most likely to swipe up and install at the lowest cost. Using Snapchat’s self serve tool Ads Manager, Etermax ran multiple ad sets testing different targeting and creative, and once they identified the best performing combinations directed more of their ad spend towards those. They also made sure to keep their creative contextually relevant throughout the holiday season, keeping it fun and engaging for Snapchatters.

Not only were the Cost per Signup and Cost per Install Etermax achieved 20% lower on Snapchat than on other channels5, Snapchatters proved to be some of Trivia Crack’s most avid gamers. They played the game 2x more than audiences acquired on other platforms, 5 and Etermax saw day 7 user retention from Snapchat to be 25% higher than on other channels. 5

No matter what your business objective is, now is the time to start planning your holiday campaigns and drive business impact! Snapchat’s latest formats, targeting, and optimization advancements give you everything you need to drive success during the biggest shopping season of the year!

- Team Snapchat