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August 26, 2022
August 26, 2022

Trick or Treat — It’s Snapchat

Scary-good Halloween insights

Candy and costumes and trick-or-treaters, oh my! Of course, we’re talking about Halloween — a holiday that doesn’t happen just on October 31st, but is an entire spooky season.  
Snapchatters start to talk and think about Halloween as early as mid-September, and conversations begin to pick up in early October. Halloween-related conversations remain steady throughout the month and spike on Halloween day itself.
Halloween mentions on Snapchat in 2020
Halloween is all encompassing on Snapchat
% of Snapchatters who plan on celebrating Halloween in 2021
And Snapchatters plan on celebrating on here
Over half of Snapchatters plan to use Snapchat to connect with family and friends during the Halloween season.1 And this engagement comes in many forms — from Snapchatters trying on makeup and costumes through AR, to catching up on Halloween how-to publisher content in Discover, to binging a spooky Snapchat original. Snapchatters get into the Halloween spirit in ways that will matter for your brand.
% of Snapchatters who plan on celebrating Halloween on Snapchat in 2021
Snapchatters get into character
This Halloween will matter to Halloween celebrators more than in years past. It’ll be one filled with in-person celebrations, costume contests, trick-or-treating, scary movie marathons, and more.
% of Snapchatters who will celebrate in person this year vs. digitally which showcases that covid concerns are decreasing
Here comes your Halloween shoppers!
Majority of Snapchatters will make purchases prior to Halloween Day; most of them making their purchases a few weeks beforehand.
When Snapchatters start purchasing items for Halloween
Snapchatters plan on purchasing candy, costumes, decorations and makeup.2
Mobile is no longer only an upper-funnel touch point. Shoppers have made the jump from online shopping only on their desktops, to shopping overwhelmingly on mobile, making your mobile strategy the most important one of all.
Purchases made on mobile vs. desktop in 2021
AR is uniquely suited to drive results throughout the spooky season.
AR on Snapchat for Halloween
Not only that but AR offers unparalleled reach on Halloween Day. We see a 15% increase of AR usage on Halloween day compared to an average day on Snapchat.3
AR use on Snapchat on Halloween Day
Don’t get ghosted this Halloween. We’re here to help you win the spooky season! Download our guide to hit your goals, grow your reach, and meet Snapchatters right when shopping for Halloween — on Snapchat!

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