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How Snapchatters Came Together for World Cup

Snapchatters from around the world united in Russia to cheer on their countries for the 2018 World Cup.

Over the last month, the World Cup has united people from all around the world — and Snapchatters were no exception.

According to our location data, visitation to Russian cities hosting the World Cup spiked, especially among Snapchatters from Saudi Arabia. In fact, Saudi Arabian visitation to Russia before their country’s starting match went up sevenfold compared to the month prior. Other countries that saw upticks in visits to Russia include France, England 1 , Germany, Mexico, and Sweden — all to support their respective teams. 2

And even though US Snapchatters didn’t have their own team to support, they threw their fandom behind other countries. Predominantly, they rooted for Mexico, Columbia, and Brazil. 3

The competition didn’t stop on the field. In terms of attendance, 15 times as many Snapchatters from Mexico cheered live in Russia than Snapchatters from Brazil during their July 2 Round of 16 match. More Snapchatters from Mexico, England 1 , and Argentina came to Russia for the games than Brazil, Sweden, and France respectively. 2

While fans share a common love for the game, for some of the most popular countries in soccer, their interests outside of the sport differ quite a bit from one another. 2

Snapchat’s Audience Insights provide even more information about these loyal soccer fans. Advertisers can use the tool to look up demographic information and lifestyle affinities related to “Soccer Enthusiasts” and many other interest groups on Snapchat.

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