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July 17, 2018

Footprints Debut: Week in the Life of a Snapchatter

Over 90% of Snapchatters opt-in to share their location, and they interact with Snapchat approximately 25 times a day. They're using Snapchat wherever they go — which provides great insights into the restaurants, gyms, transit options, and other places they care about most. 
Though the rise of online shopping has led to many changes in the retail space, more than 80% of sales are still predicted to take place at brick-and-mortar locations in 2020.1 Coupled with the rise of mobile, this means advertisers have all the more opportunity to reach their customers at all points of the day — including while they're browsing the aisles. It’s no surprise then that this year alone, an estimated $22 billion will be spent on US mobile location-based advertising.2
On average, Snapchatters interact with the app approximately 25 times a day, providing great insights into the places they visit throughout their day. We’ve learned a lot from the Snapchat community and today, we’re introducing “Footprints,” a new insights series focused on who Snapchatters are and the places they frequent in the real world. Whether you’re a marketer or just interested in the Snapchat community, we hope Footprints helps you better understand the lifestyles and habits of Snapchat’s unique audience!
For the first in our location insights series, we looked to understand what US Snapchatters’ visitation patterns could tell us about who they are. Below are some key learnings we uncovered by looking at their weekly location-based behaviors in April and May 2018.
1. Early in the week, Snapchatters get things done and prioritize convenience. 
From Monday to Wednesday, Snapchatters are on the go. From hitting the books to running errands, they’re starting their week by taking on personal and professional tasks compared to the rest of the week.
To fuel these busy days and nights, Snapchatters look for sources of energy at quick convenience spots. At the beginning of the week, they are more likely to visit a cafe or coffee shop, juice & smoothie shop, deli, convenience store, or fast food restaurant.
When we take a closer look at the beginning of the week, we find that Snapchatters tend to use each day to take care of specific tasks. For example…
Mondays are for quiet time and relieving stress.
Foot traffic to libraries and yoga studios see an increase in foot traffic compared to the day before, signaling that Snapchatters spend the day looking to enjoy peace and quiet as they embark on the week ahead.
Tuesdays are for running errands.
On Tuesdays, Snapchatters are more likely to visit the Bank, visit the Post Office, run to the ATM, and visit Car Repair Shops than any other day of the week.
Wednesdays are for self-care.
Snapchatters are more likely to go to the gym for a workout and treat themselves after at beauty and personal care locations than any other day of the week.
Visitation by age groups
When we look by age groups, we see even greater nuances on daily activity. On Mondays and Tuesdays, Snapchatters in high school and college are 50% more likely to study at the library and 10% more likely to go to the bookstore than other days of the week. On the flip side, they are 19% less likely to visit a movie theater on Mondays and Wednesdays compared to other days. Visitation to theaters increases on Tuesdays, when many theaters offer student discounts.
2. As the week winds down, Snapchatters prepare for their weekend getaways.
Thursdays are for getaways.
Snapchatters use Thursday as a travel day to take off for a weekend getaway. Compared to the rest of the week, they are more likely to visit car rental locations, travel agent offices, and tour operations storefronts. Snapchatters are also more likely to be taking a bus, travel via railroads, and going to the airport than any other day of the week.
3. During the weekend, Snapchatters just want to have fun!
On the weekend, Snapchatters take a break from work or school. Visitation to libraries, for example, is down 40-60% compared to other weekdays.
Fridays are for fun nights out.
Friday in particular sees the highest amount of visitation to night-time establishments. Overall, we see higher visitation to bars, clubs, and restaurants than any other day of the week. Snapchatters are also more likely to hang out at karaoke venues and casinos than any other day.
Saturdays are for outdoor fun.
On Saturdays, Snapchatters head outdoors. They’re more likely to shop at their local farmers market, take a trip to a park, or head to the marina. Snapchatters 21+ really love their wine — they’re 153% more likely to visit vineyards on this day compared to the rest of the week. To wrap up their Saturday, they enjoy fine dining restaurants, where visits are 27% more likely than any other day of the week.
Sundays are for family and low-key fun.
By the time Sunday rolls around, Snapchatters are ready to relax. On lazy Sundays, we see gym visitation down by 20% compared to the rest of the week, and running errands reaches an all-time weekly low. Snapchatters are, however, participating in low-key family friendly daytime activities. Visitation to zoos and aquariums, beaches, theme parks and casual dining restaurants are more likely.
How You Can Use Footprints' Insights
Reaching your audience on Snapchat
Using these insights can help advertisers of all sizes drive effective creative messaging and campaign targeting that drives foot traffic to brick-and-mortar storefronts. If you’re interested in engaging your audience through geo-specific ad creative (like Geofilters and Lenses), Snapchat offers a variety of products to help cater your campaign around location.
Optimize for in-store visitation
Foot traffic is essential to many industries, especially for Retail and Restaurant. Reaching the right people at the right time and place is key to driving in-store visitation. Consider your audience’s path to purchase, and optimize your campaigns so that they see your ads when they’re at their most relevant.
Drive engagement based on insights
Understanding the interests of your in-store visitors can help you build your ad creative to captivate their attention. For example, knowing your visitors are likely to be interested in yoga, Snapchatters in the “Yoga Enthusiasts” Snap Lifestyle Category can inform how you position your messaging. You can learn more about reaching your in-store visitors by interest-based Snap Lifestyle Categories here.
Note: The data and methodology that drive the following insights are consistent with our philosophy: help show Snapchatters content they care about while protecting their privacy. Our Foot Traffic Insights only consists of aggregate user data. Privacy has always been a priority at Snapchat. To learn more, visit our Privacy Center.

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