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Apps: Driving installs & boosting engagement with Snapchat

For app businesses, building a useful product is only one piece of the pie. Read on to learn how Snapchat's app install ads can drive downloads and boost engagement.

As the sea of apps and games available on various platforms continues to grow, businesses need an efficient advertising solution to cut through the noise and market their products.

Advertising on Snapchat gives businesses the ability to showcase their apps to an active and engaged audience at scale, helping drive app installs and visits efficiently. On average, Snapchat has 210m daily active users, with the average user opening the app 30+ times per day and spending 30+ minutes on the platform. 1 Fitbod, a mobile fitness app, tapped into this audience by using a combination of lookalike and predefined audience targeting to effectively reach Snapchatters who were most likely to engage, resulting in a 31% lower cost per acquisition on Snapchat and a 54% lower CPI than other platforms. 2

When it comes to shopping on mobile, Snapchatters are primed for action. In the US, they’re twice as likely as non-Snapchatters to make an in-app purchase, and 2.5x more likely to have paid for a mobile app. 3 Hopper, a travel booking app, found that Snapchatters booked flights 4x as often as customers gained from other platforms. 4

For app developers looking to grow their business on Snapchat, our self service tool offers two solutions focused on driving app installs and app engagement:

Driving installs

Creating advertisements to drive app downloads is quick and easy with Instant Create. In Ads Manager, click on Instant Create, then select 'App Installs' as your advertising goal. Input your app name, icon, where your app is available (iOS, Android) and your iOS App ID and/or your Android App ID. If Snapchat has history on your app, Snapchat will determine if your app is integrated with a mobile measurement partner (MMP), and default your campaign goal to 'App Install' instead of 'Swipe Ups'. If you do not have an MMP integration, selecting 'App Install' as your goal manually will not work. When setting up your creative, select App Install attachments (actions) as your call-to-action to allow viewers to swipe up and quickly download your app. Use 'Install Now' or 'Download' as your call-to-action text as these have the strongest conversion rates.

Driving engagement

Reengaging with users who have already downloaded your app is crucial to growing your app business. Within the Instant Create flow, choose ‘App Visits’ as your advertising goal, input your app universal or deep link, then select your fallback experience - a fallback experience is how the user is redirected if your app is not already installed on their device. 

  • App Install: redirects Snapchatters to your app in the App Store

  • Web Page: redirects Snapchatters to a web page

Launching a well-designed app that provides value to the end user is a key factor in building your app business. Once your app is published, advertise on Snapchat to grow your user base, and build a highly engaged and active audience. 

Scale your app business up with Snapchat, get started on Ads Manager today!