April 2, 2020
April 2, 2020

Crafting creative messaging during a global crisis

The COVID-19 outbreak has turned the world on its axis, dramatically shifting the ways brands reach and interact with their audience. While friends and families are separated from each other and their regular routine, Snapchatters are coming together to take part in this timely and fast-moving global conversation. 
Shift your mindset.
It is important to understand your audience’s new needs and adapt your messaging to them in a considerate way. Rather than using a global crisis as an opportunity to promote your brand, these ideas can help you craft thoughtful messages and create valuable experiences for Snapchatters. These best practices are true for any time, but should be particularly top of mind during uncertain times like this. As our community looks for guidance, perspective, and resources, brands can adjust their campaign messaging to support Snapchatters when they need it most. 
Highlight new ways for Snapchatters to connect with their community.
  • Help spread positivity by giving Snapchatters something to smile about. 
  • There has been a surge in online gaming. With many turning to their mobile devices to play while at home, gamifying your brand messaging can help entertain and engage Snapchatters at length. 
  • You can add value by demonstrating ways your brand can bring family and friends (old and new) together virtually.
Become a resource and trusted ally.
  • Use your brand equity to help provide fact-based news and information for your audience.
  • Lift the community up by spreading awareness of local causes. For example, urge people to support their local restaurants by ordering from them on your platform. 
  • Show appreciation for your brand’s fans by thanking them for doing their part and following government-mandated protocol. 
  • Many brands are making commitments to hiring a workforce since they may be short on staff. Think about ways you can positively create a recruitment effort.
  • Above all else, stay connected to your customers. Make sure they feel supported rather than using this as an opportunity to sell them on your brand.
Interact with Snapchatters throughout their day as they establish their "new normal."
  • DIY has never been more alive than it is right now. Create DIY content to keep Snapchatters feeling creative and occupied.
  • For now, meetings take place digitally. Give Snapchatters tips and tricks for how to maneuver their new work environments and routines.
  • Snapchatters are looking for inspiration and guidance for their at-home workouts. Tout how you can help them maintain their fitness goals from home.
  • Communities are searching for health, well-being, and meditation tips. Providing ways for Snapchatters to find moments of zen throughout the day can go a long way.
  • Parents all over the world have become homeschool teachers by default. Lend a helping hand and suggest activities and products to help them in their new parenting roles.
  • Consider how your audience needs have shifted with more time at home. Demonstrate your brand’s value proposition such as seamless ordering and delivery directly from your app and website.
As brands look to adapt, re-purpose, and create new assets, Snapchat's resources will help enable creative development.
We are committed to supporting our community and enabling communication with real friends and family, as Snapchatters navigate their "new normal" during these unprecedented times.

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