February 5, 2019
February 5, 2019

CPG on Snapchat: Why Gen Z and millennials make all the difference

Across the board, Snapchat’s unique audience and ad formats drive results for CPG advertisers.
Snapchat continues to be one of the best places for CPG advertisers looking to reach a Gen Z and millennial audience. On average, daily active users open our app over 20 times each day and 79 million people in North America use Snapchat daily. 1
For CPG advertisers, Snapchat’s young and engaged audience is largely responsible for, on average, a 27% lift in new buyers and a 7% sales lift across CPG campaigns.2
An analysis of CPG campaigns on our platform also found that Snapchat CPG campaigns, on average, can expect to see a 4% lift in household penetration, as well as a ROAS (return on ad spend) 20% higher than the industry norm ($3 vs. $2.45).2
Snapchat’s younger-skewing audience provides advertisers a way to reach an audience that’s unique. It’s one of the reasons why P&G turns to our platform to help drive growth across its portfolio of brands.
“It’s critical to connect with Gen Z and millennials, and Snapchat has been an important part in that strategy,” said Craig Stimmel, P&G’s Head of Digital Partnerships. “Across big brands, like Crest and Gain, to some of our newest direct-to-consumer brands including Native, we continue to see strong engagement against current and new buyers.”
Snapchat’s unique and interactive ad products also play a large role in how CPG brands are finding success on our platform. Additionally, Snapchat campaigns that use more than one ad format drive better results. On average, campaigns that included both Snap Ads and an AR Lens saw over a 67% lift in sales compared to campaigns that just used one.3
Unilever’s recent “Love Beauty & Planet” product had a successful launch on Snapchat, and saw significant statistical lifts across metrics it tested. According to Unilever, “the success of the program's multi-product campaign utilized Snap Ads, Filters, and Lenses, and performed exceptionally well on Snapchat with lifts in brand awareness, brand favorability, and purchase intent.”

Snapchat’s Gen Z and millennial demographic, as well as its fun and interactive ad formats, make it a great place for brands to reach their audience. For CPG advertisers interested in driving awareness and increasing ROAS, you can learn more about how to best use Snap Ads, Filters, and AR Lenses for your next campaign here.

Snapchat can help your business grow.

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2Source: Nielsen Catalina Reaction studies Q1 2017 - Q4 2018, N=84, Nielsen Catalina ROAS Norm $2.45
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