Insights / September 2017

Cheers! Why Snapchat is a great place to share a drink

With 50% of daily new Snapchatters in the US being 25 or older,1 Snapchat has become a great place for Snapchatters to discover new alcoholic beverage brands, share a celebratory “cheers!” moment, and even enjoy a drink remotely with a friend.

Nearly half of US Snapchatters (44%) look to friends and family for recommendations on alcoholic beverage purchases, vs. only 19% of non-Snapchatters.2 Snapchatters are also 9% more likely to buy alcoholic beverages than the national average, based on an Oracle analysis of real purchase data from 2016.3 With over 60% of daily Snapchatters creating Snaps with the camera every day, this creates enormous potential for both Snap Ads viewership and brand advocacy through Lenses and Filters.2

Infographic why Snapchat is a great place to share a drink
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Snapchatters are 9% more likely to buy alcoholic beverages than the national average.3

The use of mobile devices throughout the decision-making process is an important factor to consider, especially for alcoholic beverage brands. Though the majority of Snapchat use in the alcoholic beverage category happens post-purchase, Snapchatters are 2.5 times more likely to use their mobile devices to share photos of a product they’re considering buying with friends compared to non-Snapchatters.2

Snapchatters are also over three times more likely to use their phones to communicate with friends or family about a product, and three times more likely to use a website or app while shopping.2 This can have a significant impact on brand awareness when considering how often Snapchatters create Snaps and send them to friends.

One of the primary ways Snapchatters use Snapchat is to play and create. A Snap isn’t just a picture — it’s a message, a status update, and a prompt all in one. Snaps are a quick and fun way to, say, congratulate a friend on a new job or another big life event. When friends view your Snaps, it can be a fun conversation starter and even a great way to share your drink of choice.

There’s a big opportunity here for brands and advertisers, considering the role Snapchat plays in Snapchatters’ alcoholic beverage experiences. Filters that frame those “Cheers!” and “Happy Hour!” Snaps are a great way to place branding front-and-center of those celebratory moments — all behaviors that happen on Snapchat on a massive scale, every day!

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