Black Friday: Three creative tips to help drive sales

Put your best ads forward for this year’s buying season with these creative best practices from Team Snapchat

During the holiday season, Snapchatters are eager to chat with friends, create memories with loved ones, and express themselves using the Snapchat camera. Once the turkey dinner is finished, Snapchatters are 64% more likely to start holiday shopping on Black Friday. 1 This window of time gives retailers a unique opportunity to engage with customers organically to make the most of their advertising campaigns. More importantly, 2019 is an even shorter holiday season, with 6 fewer days than 2018 to advertise to potential buyers.

With that in mind, we’ve put together some creative best practices to help you put your best foot forward this Black Friday and Cyber Week. Check out the list below to get a running start: 

  • Showcase your product with compelling visuals

    Using full screen images/video and audio in your ads can inspire, educate and move shoppers to buy. Place your products front and center in your creative to drive desire, and consider using a simple template to quickly repurpose for your Holiday ads. (Bonus tip: design for sound - on average, over 60% of Snap Ads are watched with the sound on.)

  • Drive urgency with compelling language

    Strong offer messaging (from the beginning of the ad) focused on your doorbuster deals is key to driving sales. Additionally, leverage the phrases, traditions, emotions, days and moments that matter in your ads to help drive purchase intent. 

  • Link directly to your product or category page

    Don’t let shoppers drop off because they can’t find your product - deep link into the exact product page or category page that you're promoting. More on linking and product catalog specifications here

The biggest shopping holidays are just around the corner, so don’t miss out boosting your holiday sales with Snapchat. Use Instant Create today to make your Black Friday/Cyber Week ads in minutes - showcase your products, add sales messaging to your creative assets, and link directly to your product. 

Get started on Ads Manager today. Happy creating!