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Back-to-school 2021
Back-to-school 2021

Optimism about in-person learning will drive Snapchatters to spend during the 2021 back-to-school season

Get excited! We’re going back to school — and back to sports.

Can you feel the excitement in the air?
The anticipation of the upcoming school year is giving us something to smile about. Students are looking forward to returning to days that feel a bit more normal, with IRL hugs among friends, in-person learning, the return of sports seasons, and days filled with the hustle and bustle of school life. And parents? Well, they’re excited for their kids to get back to a daily rhythm and routine and, dare we say, to get a little more quiet time at home. 
As restrictions lighten, vaccines roll out, and communities slowly reopen, Snapchatters are looking forward to getting back in the swing of things and reuniting with friends in-person and of course learning in-person.
What does returning to school for in-person learning mean for students? Most of all, it’s a chance to see their friends in person and attend their physical school on a regular basis. Friendship is as much a part of the school experience as the classes students take, and Snapchatters have seriously missed seeing their friends! Snapchatters have also missed, of course, as we all have, wearing and buying clothing to wear out of the house.
Returning to in-person classes also means shopping for stellar first-day outfits

Over a third of Snapchatters also plan on buying tickets for travel, accessories for their cars, recreational and hobby based equipment, and new tech devices and accessories.1
Before the official first day of school, sports pre-seasons begin to take place.
Our community is eager as ever to kick, run, and sweat it out across school pitches and fields.
Snapchatters start prepping for practices and shopping for the sports season a few weeks before the first practice.2 
Shoes, sports apparel, and equipment are at the top of their shopping lists, and they’re taking Snapchat with them on their shopping journeys.3
So much has changed for these students, and it’s important for brands to show up and support Snapchatters as they maneuver the year ahead. Check out our back-to-school resource center for more information on how to reach student and parent shoppers and tips to support them through these changes.
We’ll be staying on the pulse of how our community is preparing for this landmark school year. Check back in June for more updates!
Happy Snapping — and back-to-school shopping!
❤️ Team Snapchat

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