6 things to know about Gen Z this holiday season

Gen Z is coming of age. They’ve become a meaningful audience for marketers to think about and plan around, and this holiday season is one of the first where they will be out in full force as shoppers. 

We ran a survey to Snapchat users inside our app in the United States to understand their thoughts and intentions toward the upcoming holiday season. Over 85% of Snapchat users responded that they plan to participate in winter holiday shopping 1 . Among these users who plan to participate, we observed six key insights when looking at Gen Z Snapchat users. Our goal is for these data to enable marketers to better understand Gen Z and ultimately shape more effective messaging to reach and influence them.

1) They are the most excited group about holiday shopping

Gen Z Snapchatters have a lot to look forward to during the holiday season, from taking a much-deserved study break to reconnecting with family and friends. Over half are looking forward to winter holiday shopping, which means they’re about 50% more likely to be excited about holiday shopping than non-Gen Zers 2 . As their busy schedules start to wind down, Gen Z Snapchatters are all about rest and relaxation, which might explain why they are 20% less likely to report feeling overwhelmed about the holidays. Introduce some festive new filters to help fuel the holiday spirit and get Snapchatters in the mood for seasonal shopping.

2) And they don’t plan their purchases very far in advance

There’s nothing like a little last-minute inspiration to make Gen Z Snapchatters hit the stores. Compared to older users, Gen Z users on Snapchat are 40% more likely to plan their purchases less than a week in advance 3 . Ramp up your campaigns just before the holidays to entice procrastinating gift-givers and spark new present ideas.

3) They really, really like to shop in-store

Even though they tend to put off their holiday shopping, Gen Zs on Snapchat still make time to scout out potential presents in-store. When asked how they plan to shop for winter holiday gifts, over 70% of Gen Z Snapchatters responded that they intend to do some of their shopping in physical stores — that’s 17% more than older users 4 . Make sure your brick-and-mortar presence is up to par for these experience-driven shoppers, and leverage drive-to-store targeting and messaging tactics when reaching Gen Z.

4) Most plan to spend $250 or more

Don’t let their young age fool you — Gen Z Snapchatters are willing to splurge if it means finding the perfect gift for a loved one this season. Two-thirds of them plan to shell out $250 USD or more on holiday shopping this year, positioning them even further as a powerful spending demographic 5

5) They are more likely to be shopping for friends

Family members aren’t the only ones who can expect to find something special under the tree this year. Gen Z Snapchatters don’t limit their shopping lists to nuclear ties — this thoughtful bunch is about 20% more likely to be buying gifts for friends when compared with older users 6 . This is the season for coming together, and Gen Z Snapchatters are ready to show their close friends a little extra appreciation with the perfect present. Reach them with a holiday brand message in the same place they communicate with these best friends.

6) They plan to keep looking for deals after the holidays

When the decorations go back into storage, Gen Z still plans to shop for deals. After a season of spending, about 40% of Gen Zs on Snapchat report that they definitely plan to look for deals after the holidays end 7 . They are ready to sift through the discount racks and get the most bang for their gift card-from-Grandma buck. Highlight your best sales during this time to stay top of mind and win over budget-savvy shoppers.

Patrick Kemp and Ryan Coe from Team Snapchat