4 reasons why marketers should consider Snapchat during March Madness in 2020

Social media enhances live sports. It allows us to talk with friends about an event, share our reaction to big moments, and catch moments or highlights we may have missed.

Gen Z uses Snapchat to enhance their live sports experience. Brand marketers wanting to truly ‘own’ a live sports event can use Snapchat’s advertising products to amplify their brand with Gen Z before, during, and after each game. This can engender incremental brand awareness and campaign reach, as seen in past ad campaigns. 

March Madness is no different. Our research indicates that Gen Z Snapchatters intend to watch the event and engage with content around it on Snapchat. We ran surveys to users of Snapchat to understand their intentions toward the event. Separately, we also worked with Nielsen to analyze historical Snapchat + TV advertising campaign data. 

Four compelling themes emerge from this research worth the attention of brand marketers considering advertising during March Madness in 2020:

1) Snapchat has engaging March Madness Content

During March Madness Snapchat will bring users content that allows them to experience the event both on the court -- with Snapchat Shows featuring game highlights -- and off the court with curated Our Stories featuring the best moments from Snapchatters off the court.

2) Nielsen data indicates Snapchat’s ability to add incremental audience reach to TV campaigns in the US

Since 2017, Snapchat has commissioned over 20 Total Ad Ratings studies from Nielsen. These studies measure the audience reached by advertising on Snapchat and television respectively. When we commissioned a meta-analysis from Nielsen to understand average performance we observed the following:

3) Snapchat is part of the live sports experience

4) Advertisers saw great results during March Madness in 2019 

Savvy marketers recognized the opportunity Snapchat provides to connect with Gen Z and Millennial sports fans during March Madness in 2019.

Subway led the way in 2019 with their multi-product Snapchat campaign during March Madness. They were able to reach Gen Z and Millennial consumers during and around the game to drive brand lift results over 3x the average, according to Kantar.

To summarize, marketers can look forward to March Madness on Snapchat in 2020 because of the hyper-relevant content on our platform, Snapchatter’s engagement during live sports events, our proven ability to add incremental reach to TV advertising, and the strong performance advertisers saw during March Madness in 2019.