Twisties cooked up a feast for Snapchatters’ eyes. Purchase intent grew 35%.

The Story

Twisties is one of PepsiCo’s most iconic brands and has been an Aussie favourite for over 50 years. For the third consecutive year, PepsiCo launched its Twisties Museum, which features consumer-submitted photos of Twisties that resemble real-life objects. Twisties drove brand awareness for their ‘Every Twistie Is Something’ campaign on Snapchat by reinventing what it meant to step into the Twisties Museum — with the help of augmented reality.
The Solution

Twisties partnered with Snapchat and used AR to bring a “twist” to the museum experience, inviting Snapchatters into an interactive, playful World Lens. Snapchatters were able to enter a lifelike gallery where they could browse Twisties works of art in their own worlds. From the Lens, Snapchatters could navigate to the Twisties brand m-site to submit their own works of art and enter this year’s competition. 
The Result

Alongside the World Lens, Twisties ran Snap Ads and Commercials that encouraged Snapchatters to tap to unlock the AR Lens for additional engagement. The campaign was a memorable one, driving significant breakthroughs across age groups and leading to a 35% increase in purchase intent.1
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1 Snap Inc. brand lift survey of 560 Snapchat users. Control n=265 exposed n=295 September 25, 2020 - October 30, 2020