Preparing for a Meaningful Ramadan 2021 Campaign

During Ramadan, campaign setup and creativity are crucial for maximizing your impact and increasing ad engagement on Snapchat. Use these tips to prepare to win across the different objectives available on our platform & build visually appealing ads.

Drive Awareness & Create High Impact:

#1 To build Awareness during Ramadan use our Awareness objective and apply the right frequency controls across our full range of ad formats. Set up all ad sets under the same campaign to be able to get a high reach & frequency results at an efficient CPM.
#2 Reach & Frequency is key for planning & scaling efficiently during Ramadan as the auction becomes more competitive. This is the ideal way to get predictable ad delivery and control over frequency at a set CPM.
#3 Scale your reach during key moments and tap into more inventory using our takeover formats: Our Platform burst solution will give you a minimum guaranteed reach on those important moments, and national takeover buys with Lenses or Filters will guarantee delivery in our Camera Inventory. Reach out to our team for more details

#4 Content consumption increases during Ramadan so make sure to be present within Snap’s high-quality curated content. Our non-skippable format Commercials and Extended-Play Commercial are perfect for capturing a highly engaged audience. You can also engage with Snaphatters by leveraging our story-telling format: Story Ads

Engage and Drive conversions during Ramadan:

#1 Make sure to select the right objective to drive the right action you want the user to take - The objective selected allows you to optimize towards a specific action that a Snapchatter is most likely to take, such as installing your app, watching a video, visiting your app or website or completing a purchase.
#2 Tracking online events that matter is important for driving performance during Ramadan by ensuring that your pixel and/or mobile app events are implemented ahead of time. Is ROAS important to you? Then it is crucial to track the following parameters: transaction ID, price and currency.
#3 Bid realistically, Bid truthfully! Pick the right optimization goal (GBB) based on the action you want the user to take such as Video Views, Swipe Up, Installs, Add to Cart, Sign up, Purchase...And be realistic when setting up your bid not to impact delivery and conversion. 
#4 Prepare and choose the right audience to drive results: For scale and higher chances of conversions, create lookalike audiences ahead of Ramadan! Additionally, favor broad ad sets to maintain a healthy share of voice while delivering lower funnel results. Snap lifestyle categories or custom audiences can help for mid-funnel objectives.
If you’re unsure about which objective, what to bid for or how to get the most of your audience reach out and we’ll help!

Approaching Creative during Ramadan:

#1 Test creatives & Ad Formats for optimal performance during Ramadan as it gives you insight into what content resonates most with your audience during this key season. Two things to remember: 1) Creative refreshes are important to drive performance. 2) Diversification is key! Leverage multiple creative formats to get incremental reach! 
#2 Drive urgency with relevant and clear Ramadan messaging by adding any relevant messaging from the beginning of the ad to drive sales, app installs or app visits. Additionally, localized content is recommended as well as providing an offer message (if available) within the first 2 seconds of the ad. 
#3 Don’t forget to add audio to your ads: sound ON is key on Snapchat! A tip is including a spoken customer testimonial of your brand or product as it helps Snapchatters better understand your products, relate to your brand, and see how your business can add value.
#4 Make your ads feel native to Snapchat by mirroring the bite-sized and linear storytelling of Snaps! Try and keep your ad duration around 5-6 seconds as this gives your brand the opportunity to reach potential customers in a way that feels organic and non-intrusive.

Wondering How to Phase your Campaigns during Ramadan? Check out the recommended timeline below:

  • Pre Ramadan Week and Week 1: Focus on reach and acquisition via driving traffic to App and Web alongside Installs campaigns as the CPMs are low during this period to help win share
    of voice and keep your brand top of mind
  • Week 2+3: As Snapchatters are eased into the month, and considering gifts and Eid items, branding is key to drive awareness in parallel conversion campaigns and Dynamic Ads to
    drive incremental sales.
  • Week 4: For the last minute shoppers, it’s the perfect time to maximize Purchase and Install campaigns. Don’t forget to keep your brand leading the game by capturing the moment via Lenses and Filters
  • Eid Week: As CPMs stabilise, continue engaging with users through personalized messaging to stay in touch with your audience during the break as they contemplate their next purchase after exchanging and receiving Eidiya (token gift of cash during Eid)