Pampers reimagined storytime for 28 million Snapchatters.

The Story

Pampers is the #1 pediatrician-recommended brand in the US, committed to helping babies, supporting parents, and protecting the world little ones will grow up in.1 When reports in the US indicated that 4 million children under the age of 3 have never been read to in their lifetime, Pampers set out to change that.2 They tapped Snapchat to help with their new purpose: to offer families books through the power of augmented reality.
The Solution

By scanning Pampers’ logo or visiting their Public Profile on Snapchat, parents can unlock a collection of children’s classics like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Peter Rabbit, bringing books directly into the home. Pampers also set out to create a living, breathing library of AR children’s books aimed at celebrating important cultural moments like Pride month with “The ABC’s of Pride.” 

Everything from lighting to animation to sound were accounted for when building this AR series on Snapchat, as Pampers knew parents would be engaging with these Lenses right before tucking their little ones in for bed.
The Result

Pampers’ multi-product strategy of AR Lenses and Snap Ads helped bring book accessibility to parents across the country, ultimately reimagining storytime for 28 million people on Snapchat.3

The Pampers AR Storybook series will continue to grow with new interactive experiences for all babies and parents, and can be found on their Public Profile on Snapchat today!
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