How to Get Your Product Catalogs up and Running

Create a product catalog via manual upload, data feed sync, or through syncing your Shopify catalog.

Create Using Manual Upload

  1. Use the global navigation in the top left corner of Ads Manager to click the “Catalogs” tab.
  2. Select “Create a catalog” in the middle of the screen. Then select “Ecommerce” on the next page.
  3. If manually adding products, name your catalog and upload within our current CSV template. This is recommended for less than 50 products. The max file size is 500MB.
  4. Attach the pixel(s) that you want to use and hit the “Create Catalog” button.

Pro Tip: Add “Catalog Admin” members to your catalog by clicking on “0 Members,” otherwise you can skip this step. Admins can create ads and edit the catalogs that are assigned to them. Check out our other helpful tips below.

Benefits of Adding Catalogs to Your Campaigns

Showcase your products and optimize campaigns effectively and efficiently.

Share your product library by syncing your catalog

Easily sync your entire product library to optimize your Snapchat Ad campaigns and creative.

Optimize ads toward products that are working

Catalog product information can be used to advertise on Snapchat across a variety of ad formats.

Use Collection Ads to highlight multiple products

Test more products by accessing Collection Ads to showcase multiple products in one ad.
Upload your product catalog

FAQs for Adding Your Catalog

Why should I create product sets?
Catalog fields can be used to create product sets. Product sets are a subset of products in your catalog that are eligible for delivery for specific Snapchatters. Use both the required and optional fields to organize the products in your catalog to easily create product sets for different item categories, keeping in mind item types, price points, brands, etc. 

How do I plan for the most effective creative?
Two catalog fields of your choice can be pulled into the ad. Make sure that the text in those fields are concise and formatted for visibility on the creative.

How do I confirm my Snap Pixel or MMP Configuration?
Confirm that the ID attribute in the catalog matches the “Item_Id” that is passed back via the pixel or via your MMP partner. The IDs in your catalog must be unique.

How do I configure my product links?
UTM parameters, click trackers, and URL macros can be appended on the link attribute in the catalog. Please make sure you are configuring any url parameters directly to the links in the catalog before uploading.

Setting up Shopify Catalogs in Ads Manager

Connect your Shopify account to Snapchat to sync your products.

Access your inventory in near real time

Easily access your product catalogs and latest inventory when building creatives.

Quickly create ads for your products

Start creating ads for up to 80,000 products directly from your catalog.

Use Shopify’s marketing tools

Sync product catalogs for quick ad creation in Snapchat Ads Manager or through Shopify’s marketing tools.
Sync your Shopify catalog

Helpful Tips When Syncing Your Shopify Catalog

Verify that your catalog has synced to your Ads Manager organization

  1. Log in to Ads Manager
  2. Click on your Shopify-synced catalog.
  3. Click the menu in the top corner and select the “Catalogs” option.
Verify that your products have synced correctly.

Run marketing campaigns using Shopify’s marketing extension

  1. Go to the Shopify Admin Homepage
  2. Click the “Marketing" tab in the admin menu on the left.
  3. Click the “Create marketing activity” option.
  4. Select either “Snapchat Brand Awareness Ad” or “Snapchat Dynamic Shopping Ad,” fill in the details, and publish your ad.

FAQs for Syncing Your Shopify Catalog

How do products from the Shopify store sync into Snapchat?
A catalog is created in the selected org after syncing products from your store, which are then synced into that catalog. You can delete the catalog after it has been created but you cannot edit its products in Snapchat.

How often are the Snapchat catalogs updated with the latest inventory?
Catalogs will be synced in near real time and the latest inventory will be reflected in Snapchat’s Ads Manager when you go to build creatives.

Where do I create ads for my products in Snapchat?
Ad creation happens within Snapchat; you can start ad creation directly from the catalog.

What is the max number of products supported by Shopify-imported Snapchat catalogs?
Currently up to 80,000 products (or rows) in the catalog.