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This shopping season will be bigger, brighter, and better than ever. Bold claim? Maybe. But positivity and enthusiasm about the year ahead is on 
the rise. And when optimism increases, so does spend. Now the question is, how can your brand maximize the opportunity? During the month of November, Snapchat delivers a 2x higher ROI for retailers when compared to the full year. How? Here are 4 powerful formulas that will work hand in hand to multiply your ROI this shopping season!

Want to multiply your ROI this Shopping Season?

Every Shopping Season, our 4 formulas work together to multiply ROI:
1. Valuable Audience X Shopping Season = ROI
2. Power of Friends X Shopping Season = ROI
3. Immersive Experiences X Shopping Season = ROI
4. Relevancy X Shopping Season = ROI
So, let’s meet the multipliers...

Valuable Audiences x Shopping Season = ROI

The simple fact is, Snapchatters shop online a huge 30%2 more than other consumers. And year after year they increase their spending during the shopping season.
In November/December 2020, Snapchatters have increased their total online purchases by a whopping +119%3 when compared to the year prior. Add that to the fact there are 75M4 monthly unique users across the MENA region, with discretionary spending power of up to $425B5 - this is what we mean by a valuable audience for your brands, geared up and ready to shop for the upcoming season.
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Immersive Experiences x Shopping Season = ROI

Snapchat delivers high quality mobile environments with its unique AR and video ad products to create exponential connections between your brand and our community.
Those connections drive multiplied results for brands. More than 8 out of 10 consumers in Saudi Arabia are likely to make a purchase after using branded AR to help them shop6. In the same vein, a massive 84% of Snapchatters are interested in AR try on experiences7. And this translates into results for advertisers: as an example, during the month of November, campaigns for retailers running lens on Snapchat deliver a 7.2x higher average purchase value compared to the ones running other formats1.
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Power of Friends X Shopping Season = ROI

Snapchatters understand the importance of friends and family. In fact, when we ran the numbers, we discovered that Snapchatters in the KSA are 17% more likely than non-Snapchatters to recommend products to friends and family8. Which adds up to friends spending an impressive 2x more when a product is referred by another friend during Shopping Season9.

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Relevancy x Shopping Season = ROI

The Snapchat Generation changed the Shopping Season process forever. Our community is used to being exposed to a richness of diverse ad formats that brings them down the funnel. Relevancy means reaching your customers using multiple targeted experiences to engage and ultimately optimize your ROI.

Success Stories

Make Up For Ever drove awareness & sales for the launch of Rouge Artist Lipstick range through a multi-format approach
Landmark achieves 36% higher in-store ROAS using Snapchat Dynamic Ads & offline Conversions API

Multiply your way to massive ROI this Shopping Season

Snapchat delivers results all along the Shopping Season! Last November, retailers saw a 2x higher ROI on average when compared to the full year1. Shopping Season 2021 will be the biggest and brightest yet for the 75M monthly unique Snapchatters across MENA4. They’re excited to immerse themselves in new ways to seek, list, shop and share.

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