War Eternal increased ROAS by 40% on Snapchat with smart bidding strategy in MENA


decrease in CPM by using Snap Ads and Story Ads compared with Snap Ads


increase in CVR by using minimum ROAS bidding compared with other GBB


increase in ROI by using minimum ROAS bidding

The Story
ONEMT is a global mobile game product development and distribution company, committed to creating the best entertainment experiences and providing the most sophisticated products for a wide range of users. Their top products include War Eternal ( انتقام السلاطين ), Rise of the Kings, and Days of Empire. ONEMT was excited to tap into Snapchat’s unique, engaged community to acquire high quality users for War Eternal in the MENA market by using Snapchat’s creative video ads formats.
The Solution
War Eternal’s primary goal was to drive first-time downloads and convert them into valuable players, with a secondary goal to increase the awareness and favorability among the Snapchat generation. They achieved this by launching a multi-product campaign and tried goal-based bidding (GBB) to assess their success at every touchpoint in the funnel.
During the initial stage, War Eternal tried Snap Ads with install and Purchase GBB which helped them to acquire high quality users. As a result, War Eternal started to integrate Snap Ads and Story Ads to create multiple touch points for consumers across Snapchat. They were able to develop role-play game episodes (as shown in the creatives below) to engage their target audience before they download the game. This also proved to be a successful strategy to increase game installs. They also tried the minimum ROAS bid strategy to target high-value users for LTV promotions which increased the ROI by 40% 1. By optimizing app installs and app purchases through the above efforts, War Eternal was able to achieve positive ROAS in the MENA markets.
The Result
Meanwhile, compared to Snap Ads, the CPM decreased by 21.14% 1 by using Snap Ads and Story Ads. Since activating on Snapchat, they have learned how to produce creatives that align best with their audience and the platform. Due to these results, War Eternal plans to expand their promotion on Snapchat by trying more Snapchat ad formats in their future campaigns.
“Snapchat is a fast-growing social platform worldwide, and it’s becoming a leading advertising platform for advertisers with diverse ads formats and high value users.”
--Dicky Wang, CMO
“Snapchat is one of our key user acquisition channels in the Middle East, where many of our games were benefiting from the quality and volume of Snapchat users.”
--Tyler Zhuang , UA Manager
1 Client Internal Data from Adjust, Q1 2021