PANGAIA Amplifies Earth Positive Message with the Snapchat Generation


lower CPA vs. other social platform


higher ROAS vs. other social platform


lower CPM vs. than other social platform

The Story    

With just a handful of individuals at its helm back in 2019, few could have foreseen PANGAIA's immeasurable impact on the subject of making materials science fashionable Now on the cusp of its third year, the brand currently employs approximately 150 people.

A material science brand fuelled by technological innovation, PANGAIA goal is to provide the public with eco-conscious products, while constantly evolving its approach to responsible production – ensuring its collections reflect its core mission.

Eager to further amplify its brand messaging around environmental issues, PANGAIA partnered with Snap in Q4 of 2021.

The Solution: DPA Diversification  

Upon launching with Snapchat in November 2021, PANGAIA wanted to boost its brand message, ensure real substance behind its campaigns, increase ROAS, and drive conversions across Black Friday and the subsequent holiday period.

To that end, PANGAIA trialled Story Ads and Snap Ads across prospect and re-marketing audiences. For the latter, it also rolled out Dynamic Product Ads, which dynamically update the brand’s creative in order to drive efficiency. Over several weeks, PANGAIA ran both Story DPAs and Collection DPAs, diversifying its approach to Collection DPAs. All of these solutions allowed the brand to reach users across different streams, ultimately driving revenue.

Just like in its approach to responsible  production, PANGAIA was innovative in its use of Snapchat products -  a decision which drove a strong ROAS throughout Q4.

The Results

Within the first three weeks of PANGAIA’s partnership with Snap, the brand identified that its CPA was 45% cheaper, its ROAS was 128% higher than other platforms, and its cost-per-swipe-up was 59% more affordable.1

While running both Story and Collection DPAs, PANGAIA's strategic multi-product approach allowed them to achieve a 200% higher ROAS than target.2 Collection Ads are the newest Dynamic Ad format that allow a brand to dynamically display four tappable tiles on its ads to feature products pulled directly from its Product Catalog, allowing for an immersive user experience which ultimately drives commerce.

After diversifying its approach within Collection DPAs, PANGAIA was able to add a frame on top of its ad which generated the highest ROAS and most affordable cost-per-swipe. This was the most successful strategy - achieving the majority of the brand’s sales. 

In keeping with Snap’s best practices, PANGAIA also ran three videos creatives, which showcased its products and appealed to the brand’s target demographic . One of these videos, which highlighted the brand’s last delivery dates before the holidays, achieved a 808% higher ROAS than target.

Following a hugely successful Q4 which resulted in increased ROAS and a boost in website traffic, PANGAIA is eager to re-apply its Q4 learnings, evolve its approach to Collection DPAs and adopt the multi-format approach in the future. In 2022, PANGAIA will be using Snap to further its audience growth and target new customers along with leveraging Snap’s creative and AR options to intensify its innovative and technological focus.

"Our partnership with Snapchat has allowed us to engage with a new customer base and enhance our brand awareness. Launch results have been incredibly promising with attributed ROAS above expectations. We look forward to working with Snapchat on elevating our innovative media offering."

Jade Harvey, Performance Marketing Manager, PANGAIA.

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1 PANGAIA Internal Data, 2021
2 PANGAIA Internal Data, 2021