HEINZ® Uses Snap AR to Hype The Big Game for a Winning Campaign

Shares of AR Lens¹

15.33 Secs
Average Camera Playtime² (2X Higher Than Industry Benchmarks³)

View Completion Rate⁴ (1.2X Higher Than Industry Benchmarks)

HEINZ '57' Drives Awareness

Known for its iconic, unmistakable HEINZ® ketchup and other tasty sauces, Kraft Heinz and its HEINZ® brand understands the importance of offering their consumers delicious, high-quality products. Wanting to drive awareness and generate buzz around the 2023 Big Game LVII, the brand leveraged the insight that, for the average fan, the Roman numerals used to differentiate each game are getting too long — and too confusing! Because HEINZ has long been associated with the number 57, the brand wanted to use its iconic trademark number 57 to explain to the world that LVII means just that — 57.

Explaining Roman Numerals with AR and Snapchat Ads

For the campaign, HEINZ opted for a multi-product approach using both Snap Ads and Snapchat’s augmented reality solutions to drive clicks to a custom “HEINZ LVII Meanz 57” landing page and reach Snapchatters across Canada.

HEINZ worked with Carat media agency to execute their campaign across Canada and partnered with Snapchat to create a gamified selfie AR Lens experience, paired with video assets to drive the brand’s message. Through the Lens, Snapchatters were able to interact with AR technology to take their best guess at what a series of Roman numerals translated into. Additionally, the Snap Ads drove Snapchatters to the AR Lens, encouraging increased playtime.

'HEINZ LVII Meanz 57' Campaign Success

Ultimately, HEINZ’s campaign efforts proved to be a total touchdown! The AR Lens offered an engaging way for Snapchatters to interact with the brand while driving hype prior to The Big Game. The AR Lens drove 21,000 shares¹ and an average camera playtime of 15.33 seconds², which is 2x higher than industry benchmarks³. Additionally, the Snap Ads drove a 1.63% view completion rate⁴, which is 1.2x higher than industry benchmarks⁵. That’s what we call a winning team effort!

As we built this campaign, we knew our target audience was active on Snapchat, and the platform offered a uniquely engaging opportunity to interact with HEINZ fans in a fun, relevant way. It was great being able to customize our own AR Lens and the results demonstrate the power of meeting consumers where they are, with creative that stems from a true insight, brought to life in an ownable way for the brand.

Alyssa Cicero, Senior Brand Manager, Heinz

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