Gant Sees Great Lens Share-ability and Playtime on Snap


increase in Share Rates in the US


Lift in Ad Awareness

20 seconds

average Play Time (18-24 Year, the US)


Shares of the lens

The Story
GANT, an American Sportswear brand, was looking for innovative ways to engage with their customers to drive brand awareness of their collaboration with St. Vincent. The main KPIs were to drive swipe up, engagement and shares of the lens. 
GANT launched a women’s focused collaboration with Grammy-award-winning musician St. Vincent. This stagewear-inspired capsule collection breathes disco glamor, vintage rock, and New York City in the ’70s.
The Solution
GANT partnered with Snapchat to create a multi-product approach using Snap Ads with Video and Shopping Lenses developed with Snapchat’s Lens Studio. GANT wanted to promote multiple products from their St Vincent  collection, allowing shoppers to view items before making a purchase. During the launch they pushed the Snap AR Lens additionally to create engagement and letting people check out the collection and share it with their friends.
The Lens was directly linked to GANT’s product catalog, providing more capacity for expanded product display in each campaign.
The Result
By leveraging a combination of Snapchat video ads and AR, GANT enabled users to actively engage with and purchase products. The campaign delivered some incredible results, people spent on average 20 seconds with the lens and Share Rates in the US were at 3.19%. GANT also delivered a 5% increase in ad awareness showing great engagement from the ad.1
The Lens drove more than 11 million impressions and achieved a play time of nearly 30 seconds. Plus, not only did the brand drive higher-than-average reach and engagement, they also achieved positive ROAS.

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1 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of July 13 - July 24