Fordeal drove 40% higher customer LTV using App Re-engagement Ads


higher LTV¹


higher ROI (than other channels)¹

The Story
Snapchat is Fordeal’s #1 marketing channel, as they have found that Snapchatters have high purchasing power and are very active. The eCommerce platform leverages Snapchat’s full suite of acquisition and retargeting solutions for App Ads. To drive efficiency with creative production they use Product Catalogs to create product ads at scale.
The Solution
Focusing on men's clothing, women's clothing, home furnishing, digital products Fordeal leveraged Snapchat’s full screen Deep Link Snap Ads to acquire and re-engage users in the Middle East region. Additionally, by using Deep Link Ads with App Purchase Re-engagement goal based bidding they have been able to maximize their acquired customer Lifetime Value (LTV). 
They use product imagery and focus on price to drive their success with the highly engaged Snapchat audience in the MENA region.
The Result
Fordeal's ROI is 24.58% higher than other channels, CPM is 58.59% lower than other channels and customer value is 5.74% higher than other channels.1
“Fordeal is a one stop B2C e-commerce platform. Since it went online in 2017, it is one of the top ranked Apps in Shopping categories in the Middle East, and Snapchat’s unique audience and suite of app products allows us to find and convert the highest value customers. We leverage both user acquisition and re-engagement products to achieve maximum scale and LTV.”
- Liuhuo, Advertising optimizer for overseas market

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1 Client’s Internal Data