Burger King Kuwait leverages National AR Lens to launch and drive orders for the new Chicken Wings Bucket


national lens swipe ups to order in 24 hours


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The Story
Burger King and Snapchat teamed up to introduce the Chicken Wings on the Burger King menu for the first time in Kuwait right after the lockdown was lifted in July 2020. The objective was to drive mass awareness while also driving people to order the new menu item.
The Solution
Snapchat developed a playful AR Face Lens experience that allowed Snapchatters to move their heads to collect as many chicken wings in the bucket. The “Go Wings” AR Lens ran as National Takeover and included a call-to-action button to drive Snapchatters to the online delivery form on Talabat.
The campaign was complemented with a Biddable Lens and Snap Ad flight to sustain engagement and drive incremental reach. In total, the campaign reached over 820K unique Snapchatters in Kuwait.
The Results
The National Lens takeover was a total success with over +1.37M total impressions¹. In 24-hours the “Go Wings” AR Lens drove 18,015 swipe ups to Talabat for online ordering¹. The AR Lens was shared over 11K times on Snapchat¹.
“We launched the Family Bucket during the lockdown where people weren't interested to try new things. It was just the right time to utilize Snapchat as a growing platform with the right mechanics. It contributed to a push in sales, where we ran out of stock in only 4 months instead of the plan which was 9 months.

Two kings were playing together, the king of Burgers and the King of Social Media.”
- Haneen Sukkariah, Communication Marketing Manager, Burger King Kuwait
1 Snap Inc. internal data June 22 - September 29, 2020