Snap Promote: Grow Your Audience

Snap Promote lets you promote content directly from your Public Profile to reach more people and get more followers, content views, website visitors, and calls and texts.

When you promote a post on Snapchat for the first time, you can claim an offer to get additional ad credit when you spend a minimum amount.

What Is Snap Promote?

Snap Promote is a new tool enabling you to promote existing content from your Public Profile as an ad, without leaving the Snapchat app.¹

You can promote a Spotlight, Public Story, or Saved Content from your Public Profile by tapping the Promote button on the top right corner of your post. 

By promoting your content, you can get: 

  • More people viewing your content.

  • More Public Profile followers.

  • More traffic to your website.

  • More calls and texts.

Promote Your Snap

How To Promote Your Posts on Snapchat

  1. Choose the content you’d like to promote from your Public Profile by clicking on it. Choose any Snap from the Spotlight, Stories, or Insights tabs.²

  2. Next, click on the Promote button in the top right corner of your Snap preview to launch Snap Promote. 

  3. Set up your ad — select your goal, choose your audience, set a budget and duration, then preview and promote. You can also choose a Promotion Pack that helps you reach a wider audience for a set price.³

Tip: Promote your top-performing Spotlight and Public Story posts so you can reach new Snapchatters with your most popular content. 

Promote Your Snap

How To View Metrics on Your Promoted Posts

Dashboard showing your metrics data on your Snapchat post.

You can check your promoted post metrics within the app by simply navigating to the “Ads” tab in your Public Profile.⁴

  • To view your ad account performance, go to the “Ads” tab in your Public Profile to review the amount spent, views, clicks, and followers gained over the past 28 days through your account.

  • To view your ad metrics, click on a promoted post within the “Ads” tab, then click on “View Insights & Budget” to see how it’s performing.

Tip: Use information about your ad performance to help you make decisions about future ads. For example, check which ads resulted in the most followers gained and keep your momentum going by promoting content similar to your
top-performing Snaps.

Promote Your Snap

Success Story: Dr. Squatch

Explore the benefits of adopting an organic + paid approach to your marketing strategy and achieve results like Dr. Squatch did.

Organic Metrics

  • 3.1 Million Spotlight Views in 28 days

  • 7,272 Public Profile Subscribers Gained From Spotlight in 28 days

Paid Metrics

  • +11.9% Purchases From Snapchat Ads During the Same Period

  • +12% Higher CTR on Snapchat Ads During the Same Period

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I decide which videos I should promote?

Consider promoting any content with higher engagement and videos that focus on a single, authentic message. This approach can help you get better results.

You can promote any Spotlight, Public Story, or Saved Content from your Public Profile by tapping on the Promote button from the post.² If you’ve recently created a new Public Profile, you can reach more people by using Snap Promote.

Will someone be able to tell if I promote a video on Snapchat?

Yes, the video will appear as an ad.

What’s the difference between Snap Promote and Snapchat Ads?

Snap Promote lets you easily promote your existing content directly from the Snapchat app on a convenient, mobile ad creation interface. With Snap Promote, you can get: more people viewing your content, more Public Profile followers, more traffic to your website, or more calls and texts.

Snapchat Ads Manager enables you to promote your posts as ads on Snapchat. Plus, you'll get more advertising options and more control over your advertising campaigns. Learn more about Ads Manager’s full capabilities.

1 Please Note: At this time, the functionality to promote a Snap in-app is only available in countries where business sign up is available with the exception of India and China. To be able to promote content in-app, you must have a role on the Profile and be either an Account Admin, Campaign Manager, or Organization/Business Admin on the ad account.
2 Please Note: Not all approved and published organic content is eligible to be approved ads. This is because Snap has two distinct sets of content policies that govern organic content versus ads content. Organic content is governed by our Community Guidelines, and advertising content is governed by our Advertising Policies. For organic content to successfully be converted into an approved ad, it needs to meet both sets of policies.
3 Promotion pack views are estimates. Your Snap may not reach the estimated view count.
4 Please Note: At this time, the “Ads” tab is only available in North America, and will be available shortly in other markets.