Check Your Ad Results

Track the performance of your Snapchat ads and make adjustments to get better results.

See the Most Important Metrics Right Away

Go to the Manage Ads view in Ads Manager for a snapshot of your ad performance.

Amount Spent

Your total investment so far

Paid Impressions

The number of times your ad has been seen


The number of times your ad was clicked on or the CTA was tapped

Click Rate

The percentage of Top Snap impressions clicked on

Video Views

The total number of impressions with 2+ seconds of watch time or a click action on the Top Snap

Pro Tip

Avoid changing your ad in the first 4 days, even if you don’t like your results.

This will allow the ad system to use its exploration phase to learn who in your audience is the most likely to take action.

Improve Your Results with the Snap Pixel

Reach people who are the most likely to take action.

Use the Snap Pixel to understand what people do on your website after they see an ad. This will help you see the most important ways to optimize your ads’ audiences for the actions you want, like making a purchase or filling out a lead generation form.

The Snap Pixel will also track your return on ad spend (ROAS). This metric will help you know how much value you’re getting from your ads.

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Test and Learn to Help Improve Your Future Ads

Use testing to understand what works best for your audience.

Testing and learning can be as simple as running an ad and then running another version that’s the same except for one change.

For example, you could test an ad that features a photo of your product against a version that features a photo of a customer with the product.

Then compare the results of the two ads to see which one performed better, such as which one received more 2-Second Video Views or more Clicks. This will help you understand what your audience is more likely to respond to.

Pro Tip

Use a Split Test to get a more accurate understanding of which ad version is more effective. You can select this test during the first step in Advanced Create.

Frequently Asked Questions

What else can I do in Ads Manager?

Ads Manager is a tool for creating and managing your Snapchat ads, ad sets, and campaigns, in addition to viewing their performance. See our Ads Manager overview and guide to learn more.

Where can I learn more about the exploration phase?

See our overview of the exploration phase to learn more about how it helps you reach the right people with your ads.

Where can I learn more about what the ad metrics mean?

You can learn more about basic metrics in our metrics glossary. And you can learn about metrics related to the Snap Pixel in our conversion metrics glossary.

Where can I learn more about running a Split Test?

See our introduction to split testing to learn more about what these tests are and how they work.

Run an ad to start testing and learning on Snapchat.

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