Lead Generation

Generate More Leads on Snapchat

Grow your customer base from Snapchat’s vibrant and engaged audience.

Lead Gen on Snapchat Drives Results



Year over year, cost per lead on Snapchat has decreased 69%.¹


Lead submission rate

Lead Form Submission Rates have increased 62% year-over-year.²


Click-through rate

Click-through-rates for Lead Generation campaigns on Snapchat have increased 21% year-over-year.³

Native Lead Forms

Potential customers fill out their information right in the app.

Lead forms remove the need to create a landing page and make it easy for users to send you their information more quickly. 

Chart showing top leads

Zapier Integration

Send your leads real-time to your CRM

Snapchat’s integration with Zapier lets you seamlessly export your leads to your CRM of choice, so you can start nurturing them sooner.

Create an Ad
Starter Guide

Set Your Ads up for More Leads

Objective and goal

Select Lead Generation as your objective and Leads as your Adset Goal.

Bid strategy

Auto-Bid is recommended.


Experiment with ad sets to find your best-performing audience.

Try testing a broad audience, Lookalike audience, and interest-based audience to see what gets the best results.


Include a clear and valuable offer in your ad to capture your audience’s attention. Reinforce the offer in the top of your lead form.

Lead form

Keep your form short, and only ask for the most necessary information. This will result in more leads because fewer people will drop off.

Program box showing how to select your objective
Program box showing how to select your bid strategy
Program box showing you your targeting options.
Best Body Training Snapchat Ad of a man doing squats
Best Body Training lead form
Create an Ad
Where can I view the leads that come from my Snapchat ad?

Snapchat’s integration with Zapier allows you to send your leads directly to your CRM of choice, in real-time. If you are not a Zapier user, you can access your leads in Snapchat Ads manager.

What is lead generation and why is it important?

Lead generation is a way to prospect for new customers and find people who are interested in your products or services. You can use the information you gather to generate sales leads, grow a newsletter list, or some other purpose. You can assume they’re high-intent people and can advertise to them accordingly.

What are some best practices for creating a lead gen form for my website?

Keep it simple and only ask for the minimum information you need, such as names and email addresses. The more info you ask people to supply, the more likely they are to abandon the form without finishing it. Consider offering an incentive for filling out the form, such as a discount coupon.

1 Source = Snap Inc. internal data [May 9th - 14th 2024 vs. May 9th - 14th 2023]
2 Source = Snap Inc. internal data [May 9th - 14th 2024 vs. May 9th - 14th 2023]
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