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Find new customers with Snapchat Ads so you can increase sales on your website.

The Snapchat Sales Advantage

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On Snapchat you can reach Gen Z and Millennials, who control a massive $5T in spending power.¹

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Snapchatters are 34% more likely to buy products on Snapchat Ads, compared to the same ad on other platforms.²

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Snapchat is the #1 app where Snapchatters chat about and share what they bought.³

Discover Snap’s Ecommerce-Friendly Formats

Single Image or Video Ads

Engage your customers’ attention directly with a single image or video ad. Optimize for sales by putting your key message upfront and including a clear call-to-action.

Collection Ads

Create a seamless shopping ad experience where customers can browse and buy your products. Provide a range of products, and customers can click on links to buy from your shop or website.

Story Ads

With Story Ads, Snapchatters can tap through a series of images or videos you curate. Showcase a variety of products, a customer experience, or reasons to buy your product.

Create an Ad

Online Sales Success

Manscaped Snapchat ad

162% increase in revenue for Manscaped

Manscaped saw a 162% increase in their revenue from Snapchat Ads between 2022 and 2023, thanks to ecommerce ads using User Generated Content and implementation of the Snap Conversions API (CAPI), improving targeting, ad optimization, and more.⁴

Signal Optimization

See Where Each Dollar Goes

Improve measurement, targeting, and ad results with products built for stronger signals.

Graph showing Pixel events.

Snap Pixel

Snap Pixel allows you to see the actions Snapchatters take on your website, so you can measure events, reach the perfect audience, and optimize for action.

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Snapchat Conversions API

Snapchat Conversions API (CAPI) allows you to pass event data directly to Snapchat, so you can optimize your ads, improve your targeting, and better measure ad results.

Starter Guide

Set Up Your Ads for More Sales


Choose Website Conversions as your objective. If you don’t have enough data to optimize for conversions, select Landing Page Views instead.

Budget and Schedule

We recommend setting your first ad to spend at least $30 a day and not making changes for the first 4 days. This helps your ad exit the learning phase, where our system finds the best placements and audiences for your ad. Use auto-bids to optimize for your campaign goals while staying within budget.


Select the 7/0 Optimization Window to prioritize clicks over views in the ad auction. You’ll drive sales and ad performance by delivering your ads to targeted Snapchat users that have a higher track record of conversion.


We recommend using broad targeting to allow our ad delivery system to find the Snapchatters who are most likely to respond to your ads. Use just one targeting parameter, then select Expand Audience Automatically.

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Budget tool screen
Attribution screen
Targeting screen

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I grow online sales with Snapchat Ads?

To boost purchases, we recommend using the best practices explained on this page. Start with a Website Conversions objective, use 7/0 optimization, and be sure to include attention-grabbing creative.

What should I look for when growing online sales with Snapchat Ads?

Keep an eye on the number of purchases you get in Events Manager. If that number is too low, you may want to create a Pixel Custom Audience optimized for the Add to Cart event and switch the ad targeting to that new audience. This allows you to better optimize your ad.

What’s an example of a successful online ad campaign?

Rock ‘Em Socks wanted to grow sales of their colorful socks that show off the wearer’s interests. They showcased new sock themes in Snapchat Ads, making sure they focused on one product line and a single key message in each ad. The business was successful in driving new and repeat customers to their website, seeing a 5.5X increase in one of their sock design’s sales.

“Snapchat has evolved into a part of our paid marketing workflow and we are excited to continue and expand our partnership in the future.”

- Harrison Hall, Digital Marketing, Rock ‘Em Socks

How do I know if my online sales ads are working?

Use Events Manager to check the number of Website Conversions your ecommerce ads are getting, which will tell you how many purchases were made.

Is Snapchat a channel for Shopify or BigCommerce?

Yes. You can create and publish Snapchat Ads for ecommerce within your Shopify or BigCommerce dashboard and reach Gen Z and Millennials, who control $5T in spending power.⁵ Learn more about Snapchat Ads App for Shopify and Snapchat for BigCommerce.

How do you sell products on Snapchat?

Snapchat ads make it easy for ecommerce stores to advertise their products. You can reach customers with a Collection Ad, where you can show customers a range of the products you have for sale, or a Video ad, where you reach them with a single sales message.

You can also create a Store from your public profile, so Snapchatters can shop and buy from you directly on Snapchat. This feature is in beta.

How can advertisers use shopping ads to grow sales?

Snapchat Ads are recommended for ecommerce because you can reach Gen Z and Millennials, who control $5T in spending power, Snapchatters are 34% more likely to buy compared to the same ad on other platforms,⁷ and because Snapchat is the #1 App where people share what they bought.⁸

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2 2022 Neuro-Insight A&U survey, commissioned by Snap Inc.
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4 162% increase reflects revenue received by MANSCAPED from Snapchat ad products run in the US from January to September 2023 vs same period 2022.
5 2023 Alter Agents study commissioned by Snap Inc.
6 2023 Alter Agents Study commissioned by Snap Inc.
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